Ulog # 96 | Farewell for yet another victim of Covid-19

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Everyone talks about how to manage the situation of social distancing, home self-quarantine & country lock-down; yet the one thing that not many of us talk about is the effects of this pandemic is to our professional life, our work and if we still have a job after this. I've heard of many hotels & resorts having to close down either temporarily or permanently due to the low or no demand in business. And staff having to be laid off with sometimes no prior notice except for a day or two. These are indeed victims of the pandemic economic situation. I am sure there are many out there that is also victims for this same reason.


Last week, I had to say farewell to one of my staff for similar reasons... It may not be fully because of it, but it is somewhat related. Everyone that is laid off during this time will find it hard to get another permanent job not to mention if there is even a job available at this moment. Which is why we tend to hold on to our jobs; do more and work longer hours during this period. Not so long ago, we used the words..

It's a employee's world !
Now it's an employer's world once again !

In some ways, I'm glad there's a turnaround because the entire work life balance & achieving a quality life isn't going to work for this year. It's going to be who desperately needs a job to pay bills and serve food at home, then that person will do what it takes to keep the job, even multi-tasking more than 2-3 positions. You might not agree with me but when your savings start getting drain out and bills are piling up, you would agree with me. I see my colleagues around me and I know I need to do more and show more results if I'm to keep my job. If I get laid off, there is no way I can get a job back home when almost everyone I know is becoming jobless or under unpaid leave.

As they say, survival is so important now; for all of us. I feel many are still taking it easy but give it a few more weeks or at best two to three months; then perhaps all this will sick in. I don't mean to be negative or pessimistic but I have to learn to be smart at this point of time. Nothing is more important than ensuring that my savings continue to increased for as long as I can.

The heavy downpour is happening so we need to strive through it when the thunder strikes.



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The economical impact COVID-19 brought to the world is hard to estimate. Many jobs are permanently lost and not sure when they will return

True and sad indeed.