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It is always fascinating to me how some days are like definitive rocks with flags waving high, poles cemented firmly in their position and stance unwavering - and then other days are somewhat better characterised by leaves that get lifted by the wind and choose to dance in it, seemingly directionless yet somehow carried by a natural ebb and flow. The two are not at all unlike one another in action or destination but polar opposite in approach.

Today has been one of the latter for me. Sometimes I find it necessary to completely lose focus in order to completely re-gain clarity. I can dedicate my mind to things I am passionate about through ridiculous lengths but afterward, I need to let it all go – allowing room for uninhibited refueling.

I removed myself a little recently, some of it born from circumstance and the rest choice. I needed to retreat and regroup. A lot has happened in the last couple of months and whether I have wanted to acknowledge it or not, it has taken it’s toll on me emotionally, mentally and physically. Retaining endless strength is not an energy which randomly hits the ground like rainfall… it is sourced from within and that pool, whilst deep – is not bottomless. I have been running repeated laps in countless directions, all fueled by inspirations and I needed a few moments to grade the exciting gravel roads.

There is much to be said for a little bit of random in your life.

For me personally – it is when you allow a little bit of the “random leaf” processing into your life that you are aptly shifted into a state where you not only see the visions you have been holding a little more clearly… but you re-connect with the passion which is required to continue implementing them – flipping the coin of vision into one of reality.

I have keenly involved myself in the “building” of people on this platform from the time I first joined, and always have a thousand ideas and initiatives floating around my head - but something has changed in the last six months. With the building and managing of my #powerhousecreatives (previously @steemitbloggers) community, being subject to the many crypto challenges and let’s definitely forget the white flags, nay sayers and politics along the way – here I still stand! Here we ALL still stand – all of us reading this anyway ;) and that is PRECISLY what inspires me most!!!! Through ALL the SH!T – we have all been sieved and what remains, are EXACTLY the ingredients required to build something truly GREAT!

I have written MANY articles on my passion for the #steem blockchain over the last two + years and I can honestly say that I actually feel that now more than I ever have! I can feel the shift... I think it is felt all round because the PEOPLE, and the PASSION which lies within each and every one of them is now sweeping the floor like a tidal wave – and there is NOTHING more powerful and invigorating than collective effort, enthusiasm and DRIVE - A concept and mind-set which I have LONG since advocated.

I can no longer count the times I have stood in complete AWE of this community at large - Everybody playing their own instrument, moving to their own beat, dancing their own dance - but ALL ultimately singing the same beautiful song.

And this is only the beginning...


Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx


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So inspiring! 😊😊 thank you for all that you do. Hope you're having a fantastic week! 😉👌

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Thank you love! And yes... been a super week so far!

It should be noted that I'm not averse to playing other people's instrument's... As it were ;0D

WAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I will not say a word! - Oh wait, I already did. :D


Blessing to you on your road my friend and may it be that all of our individual roads here will blend together to form a supreme highway.
A united highway signposted with all of the destinations of your dreams!

Awesome post, very inspiring! Randomness is the spice of life and keeps things exciting! Have an awesome week my friend and thanks for your support on Appics, will give you a follow here and there, lol, keep up the great work! Upped, resteemed👍👌💯❤

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MWAH! Agreed!!!! and thank you for the showering of love! Much appreciated!


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Sometimes I find it necessary to completely lose focus in order to completely re-gain clarity.

It is so hard sometimes when we have to focus on all of the balls we are juggling or the plates we are twirling on our fingers just so something doesn't fall down! It is so admirable that you know when and how to step away and allow yourself to recharge. I hope you are feeling rested and ready for whatever is next 🌱

It is so hard sometimes when we have to focus on all of the balls we are juggling or the plates we are twirling on our fingers just so something doesn't fall down!

Oh man! You took the words out of my mouth! Life (from all angles) can be so challenging and exhausting at times!!! - but on the same hand, very exciting haha!

Well, I may not be feeling very rested at the moment after this weekends party... but it was totally worth it LOL!

So glad you enjoyed your party in that awesome dress! 🌱

Howdy Jaynie! so brilliantly said and I completely agree. But I never could have said it so beautifully so thank you!

hehehe thanks @janton - however I do not agree with your inability to verbalise things just as successfully :)

Yes I would just like to say the over arching theme at least for me is to have fun. If it is not as much fun somedays then I limit my time.

A smart approach!