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@leveuf,Good day, my dear friend! I was very pleased to see this post from You. It evokes a lot of nostalgia and pleasant memories of those times here on the platform. At that time, there was a General movement in the hope and goals for a bright future for this platform, but now, looking back, I understand that those times were the brightest and most interesting (for me). I almost decided to leave this place, but at the last moment I was stopped by the events that have now hit our community. Time will tell what we will all come to. I follow what is happening here, although I am not active in writing a blog.I always believe that but we need more good and high-quality content (and it's not just posts about steem, posts that relate to the chain itself ) and we need this content to have more visibility and rewards. Therefore, I give you a standing ovation that despite all the difficulties and your employment, You continue to be active now at this difficult time here. Thank you for mentioning me. I always remain your friend and will try to respond faster to your messages and comments. I send you a lot of positive emotions, I wish you success in your work, sending a lot of hugs from cold Russia.

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There have been great seasons in this blockchain some of them due to the prices some of the due to great initiatives and impulse for creation. I think this new kind of publishing through the communities is going to be a great change. There's Dapps, tribes, communities and whoever knows what more!!! :)
As you know I was out of the platfor for several months, in some point it was a great opportunity to gain inspiration and strenght to continue the work here. I've tried to assume always that this is some kind of legacy that I'm leaving here to someone who will visit in the future. It's also an opportunity to learn and practice writing, design, drawing, photography, english, and a lot more.
Yo will find the right time to return to your blog and friends, to your walkings and photos, to your paintings and reflections on the human spirit. I'm sure you'll find again the pleasure in this work and connections.
Thank you very much for your response and visit to this post, thanks for let me know about you. I'm here sending you always the best wishe for life and projects. Hope there's much joy and love by your side on every day my dear Friend, @MadlenFox!!
Lots of hugs and good vibes!! 🤗🌻🌻🌻

Thank you so much for your motivation, @leveuf ! No matter what the situation is, staying here is a great experience in any case. I hope that the upcoming summer break in my studies will give me more time to be active on the platform. In any case, stay in touch. With respect and lots of best wishes for You, my friend.

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Of course it is!! I've learned a lot and know so much places thanks to you!! We'll meet here or there when you can my dear Friend!! I'll be attending to any sign!! More hugs and much Love and Light for every day!!

What a great post @leveuf! Thank you for your contribution to what has turned into a really awesome initiative that we can all reflect back on in the years to come!


It was a great pleasure to participate and reflect in those times in here, all the doubts and answers, the encounters and friends. Is also an opportunity to find new things in the other's stories. I've found more sites, applications and communities simply by reading some of the stories. Thank you very much for creating this awesome initiative. You have an admirable community!!
I send you lots of hugs and best wishes for your projects and life, @Jaynie, I hope to continue to stay in touch with you and all the activities in the PHC.

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Thank you so much. I really appreciate all your positive input and feedback.

This initiative certainly did bring to light many great discoveries of all kinds.


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Thanks to you!! I've dropped a request in the BUS STOP that's for you to see!! It comes with an explanation and a big hope to meet the Power House Creatives again!!
Best vibes for you and a great sunday, @Jaynie!! :)

Have just welcomed you to the family :)


Nice reminder of MyBlogLog, MySpace plus other excellent community blogging places, things have changed!

Finding Steem platform with variety of front-end options has made this an interesting voyage, glad to meet you and read your story.

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Wow was crazy in those times the new way to connect with other people, some of them maybe admired creators, artists, politicians and everyone! Remember in myspace some mysterious charachters with awesome publications. The fan pages that were the greatest in MySpace (I was friend of Shakespeare and Aristotle for example), is somekind of lack in here. I think the only account like this that I know in Steem is that of the great @LordVader. But maybe his in other time-space right now!! ;)
It's a pleasure to receive your visit and nice words, @JoanStewart, I send my best wishes for you and looking forward to meet you soon!!

Posterous Spaces was another great blogging outlet in 2009, some really neat places closed down over the years.

Let us hope and trust Steem will settle and grow. Will take a look at your suggestions.

It will grow and keep giving us great surprises, that's for sure. Almost every week or two there's a new project or development to know!!
Best vibes and have a great sunday, @JoanStewart!! :)

Following you, thanks for follow connection. Be warned I don't speak Spanish but I rely on translator for your language and art speaks for itself.

Thanks a lot @JoanStewart, you are very kind!! Almost all my post are bilingual, just for some contest or tribes I write in spanish only!!
Send you more hugs and see you soon here or there!! :)

Un abrazo amigo.

@tipu curate 4

¡Muchísimas gracias por la visita y valoración, @Ritch!
Te mando también un abrazo grande y muchas buenas vibras para todos los proyectos!! Sólo lo Mejor!!

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Para mi es una inmensa alegría ser considerada amiga. Muchísimas gracias mi amable y estimado caballero. Espero que sigan los éxitos en su camino, para que Steemit pueda continuar admirando su trabajo, obras, arte y dedicación.


Un abrazo inmenso.

La alegría es para mí que lo seas. Y cómo no, cuando hemos caminado ya por estos rumbos un montón, vienen recuerdos de aquellos días cuando todo comenzó. ¡Cuántas aventuras!
Muchas Gracias por el ánimo y buenas vibras siempre, @Slwzl!! Acá nos seguiremos encontrando para ver qué otras sorpresas nos depara este camino. Te abrazo y mi admiración va para ti también, volando hasta ti llevado por aquel famosos Buen Viento! :)
Sólo lo más Bueno!!

Hola mi amigo! Que bueno que te animaste a compartir la historia de tu viaje en la blokchain! Un abrazo!

Muchas Gracias por visitar esta historia compartida, que ha tenido sus altas y sus bajas. Pero aquí andamos con un futuro que pinta prometedor pero que está aún incierto. Te mando muchos abrazos fuertes, @MBallesteros. Que sólo venga lo mejor en este camino de creaciones y encuentros!
Sólo lo más Bueno!! :)

Votado por el trail @team-mexico
Comunidad mexicana / hive-174683 ¡Te esperamos!

Delegación: 50 SP, 100 SP, 500 SP.
teammexico (1).png

Muy agradecido por la visita y apoyo para esta publicación. Aprovecho para mandarles un fuerte abrazo a todo el Equipo y enviarles mi admiración por su trayectoria en esta blockchain del Steem que se prepara para el futuro. Que venga sólo lo mejor para cada proyecto en @Team-Mexico!!

Thank you for a sharing a very orderly and even inspirational story. Shared on twitter and resteem. Stay awesome!

Thank you for your presence of marlians.com

It will splendid that you can also join the ulogs community and post ulogs in it. You can invite others to join too! This is direct link:


What Is A Ulog?

A form of a content spanning across any topic or niche, that is created 'fresh' at every instance (i.e without resourcing from that internet), composed entirely of ‘excerpts of U’.

The word 'ulog' can also be used in terms of 'a web-space made up of ulogs'. Similar to how one would say, "i have a blog" or "i have a vlog"; one can say, "i have a ulog". However, a ulog possesses tenets that allows content-creators to 'consciously evolve their human', while reshaping the internet.

The letter 'u' seen in the word 'ulog', is synonymous to 'you'.
A ulog created today should not have existed anywhere on the internet yesterday.

Your Boy Terry

The concept of 'ulogging' is a steem-born innovation.

If you desire, you can vote on the 'steemgigs' witness (if you haven't)!

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It's a great pleasure but also a great honor to receive your visit in here dear @Surpassinggoogle, your beautiful words and support and of course your kind invitation for Ulogging. I find the concept very close to what I often do with my post and is a great opportunity to share with your great community. I will surely be posting there!! :)
I have voted for your witness some time ago because I think you have a very close relation with the people in here and always sharing a great spirit. I'm so glad to meet you!!
I send my best regards, dear Terry, and my wishes of much joy and love in this wonderful path!!

Good morning @leveuf, my dear friend! Catching up with "mentions," I am grateful to find myself included in the list of those of our fellow Steemians who have had an impact on your "journey" here on our Steem blockchain. May you continue on, from strength to strength, in your efforts to add value to it!

As I brought you to @jaynie's attention a while back, for an invite to join the PHC community, I took a moment to check on your name in their Discord channel, as I had not seen a previous reference to it. I am still not seeing it, although perhaps I am overlooking something somewhere ...

On the possibility it may be of help to you, here is a link to her post written shortly before you posted this one. In it, along with her encouragement to all passionate Steemians (of which you are most certainly one!) to join, she provides details on steps to take.

  ·  9 months ago (edited)

Dear Friend, I'm very happy that you find this mention of your great presence in this story. You have been a good guide in some corners of this blockchain that I have not visited and surely a great encourage and support for my work "in here". Let's see what's our future with all this changes, I think is better to give time to Time.

Last year I was a newbie in the PHC, it's a great community full of awesome people. But then I was out of publishing for more than one month, I didn't make the announcement of my absence, I think that's why when I came back I was not in the server anymore. I've been thinking in try again but my fear is if I'm in some kind of list that restricts me to enter. I know is a stupid fear that is easy to pass, just trying. But is a fear anyway.

I will try this night to see what happens, I'll let you know!! :)

I send you lots of hugs dear @Roleerob, I've seen your message in Discord and I need to answer there too, will be later this day. But I'm sending you strong hugs and best thoughts right now!!

Thanks a lot for your visit dear Friend, I'll see you soon there!!

For your encouragement, @leveuf, on this ...

"... but my fear is if I'm in some kind of list that restricts me to enter."

... I can share with you that I made my request to at.jaynie directly. To which she replied "Done!" After she left the luvbug comment on your post here.

So ... If there was any issue from the past, we can hope there is always a new day and the granting of a second chance! 😊

In this precise moment I'm heading there my dear friend!! ;)
A great hug, @Roleerob!!

Thank you for sharing your #mysteemstory story @leveuf 🙏


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Thank you very much, @WonderWop!! It was a pleasure to make a register of the path that we've walked through this blockchain. Thanks to the Power House Creatives for the great opportunity!!
A big hug and best vibes!!

!BEER as an extra reward for your efforts. cheerio!

Thank you very much, @Qwerrie!! You've invited me my first beer in history and I'm so happy and drunk right now!! :D
I'm glad for your visit, support and encouragement!! Send you lots of hugs and good vibes for every project!!

PS: I want to ask you a little favor dear @Qwerrie If you meet @MadlenFox some of these days or make her a call, please tell her that I send much love and good vibes for her too. I wish everything fine with the studies and life!! Thanks a lot!!!

Hey @leveuf, here is a little bit of BEER from @qwerrie for you. Enjoy it!

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oh really ?!!!!!! thats really strange.
well, one !BEER is definitely not enough :)))))))

  ·  9 months ago (edited)

Oh, you definitively want to make to party and rock this day!! So let´s enjoy!! XDXDXD
Thank you very much, @Qwerrie, have a beautiful day/night too!!! :D

Sabía que tenías una historia interesante amigo @leveuf. Fue fascinante sumergirse en tu mundo y en esa trayectoria tan bien descrita en cada línea. Quedé sorprendida frente a todo ese proceso vivido. Es una muestra de lo duro, difícil, ameno y divertido que puede ser un camino donde al final la recompensa es el éxito. Has tenido apoyo de hermosas comunidades, es importante reconocerle a ellos todo lo aportado. Saludos mi bello amigo, por acá nos seguimos viendo. Gracias a ti por atender la invitación.

Hemos pasado por muchos momentos por aquí, de todos los tipos, seguramente también tú conoces esa cuesta arriba que a veces significan los trabajos y en esta plataforma tampoco es distinto. Pero el premio en crecimiento y conocimiento es inmenso. Ojalá vengan tiempos nuevos y frescos con todos los sucesos que por aquí van sucediendo. Que el cambio sea fructifero y bueno para todos!!
Te abrazo mucho, querida Amiga, gracias por invitarme a esta iniciativa. Que venga mucha alegría y siempre los buenos vientos para cada día!!

Tienes toda una gran trayectoria en las redes sociales. Bonita carrera la de ser actor. Me gustó mucho tu escrito, bien organizado.

Muchas Gracias por la visita y también por haberme mencionado en tu recuento de los pasos por esta plataforma. Que bueno que te ha gustado este texto, fue un gran ejercicio de recuerdos. Que venga sólo lo mejor para ti @Maryorser y por aquí o por allá nos seguimos encontrando!!

Hey @leveuf, here is a little bit of BEER from @qwerrie for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking.

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