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What is your Steem Disaster Plan?

in hive-114105 •  5 months ago 

I have thought of this often because my fiance has no clue about anything blockchain other than hearing me constantly go on about how amazing it is LoL. She, like mrs. bozz, has no interest in blockchain/cryptos but I have a lot of money wrapped up in cryptos so if I died then she would be screwed and lose all that money, to be honest she wouldn't even know where to start.

So, I wrote a manual with all the cryptos, websites, user names, passwords and how to use things like F2A. I'm sure it will be a bit difficult for her to figure out but shes a smart cookie and I really think she can do it with this guide.. Now the only problem is where to keep this guide so it doesn't get lost or end up in the wrong hands!

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It sounds like you are well on your way to having a good plan. My hats off to you. I think a lot of us have beneficiaries for our other investments but forget about the crypto side sometimes.

Very true. I only have my silver and cryptos for investments so that makes it much easier for me.