Fix Your Front Kick

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The front kick is one of the basic kicks. You learn it as a beginner. In this post, I am going to write about how to avoid making some mistakes and do the front kick properly. If you are passionate about martial arts or practice martial arts, you are most welcome.

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Some students just pull their legs a little bit and throw the kick. It is more like an upper swing. You just swing your leg up. Well, that's not a front kick. Before throwing the kick forward, pull your leg up, and then extend your leg forward to kick.

Front kick is a straight forward kick. It is like you are punching but you are hitting with your leg. To be good at doing a front kick, you can do front kick preparation. Front kick preparation is doing the front kick slowly and step by step. Try to hold the position a little bit when you deliver the kick and then get your leg back.

If you just drop your leg after delivering the front kick, that's not the right move. Pull your leg back to the same position where it was before delivering the kick. Then keep your leg on the ground. If you drop your leg after delivering the kick, it will be easier for your opponent to catch your leg.

When you do a front kick, do not put your hands down or wide open. Some students do that by mistake. And later they get used to doing that. Keep your hands up when you do the front kick. In case you are being attacked at the moment of doing the kick, you are ready to defend that.

You can hit with the ball of your foot or heel of your foot when you do a front kick. I prefer hitting with the heel of the foot. You might find little difference in front kicks in different martial arts. But the basic is the same.

Hope you found this post useful. Thank you so much for reading this post. Please feel free to leave your comments in the comment section. I appreciate your support and feedback!

Stay safe. Always be happy!

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