My entry for ZapFic Writing Contest Week 119: Prompt Module

in hive-114105 •  2 months ago 


I stare at the code one last time.
I am the best but one mistake and that ends.
My piece will work for sure.
Change the world.
That is what they said.
But they never said for the better.
How much worse can it get?
I will do my part.

I want to say thanks to @justclickindiva for pretty much daring me to give this contest a try. Also to for hosting it. Please go check it out if you want to give it a try. There is still a few days left. Let me know what you thought. It has been a little while for me to try a writing prompt and this ZapFiction is hard.

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Excellent. Just sayin', but who am I? I knew you could it! Straddling, are we?

Good luck in the contest.

Ya, it was fine. I did want to do more of this stuff just lost all my old groups and hadn't found a new one.