A photowalk through the old days.

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Which time fits you better? was my dpoll of yesterday.

Today I asked my eldest, who runs a vintage shop, for some photos.
There was no need to do that. I am old and by now 3 of my children are vintage too.

Vintage turns out to be 25 years old or older.

My woodstove is vintage and so is my sewing machine.

It doesn't need electricity and that is why I have it. One of my grannies had one and as she was sewing we swing the handle.

This alarm clock is old too.
You don't believe me?

Have a look at its back. No electricity or batteries are needed. It works fine.

This Nintendo is mine.
We actually have two. My daughter has one too and I gave her the original a suitcase mine came in. This is not the only console she owns. She is one of the best gamers around and collects them as well.

This is vintage too.
A coworker invited me to the house of her aunt as she had to clean it out after she died. I wish I could have rent that house. It's mine for about 25 years.

What do you think about this doll?

It makes you wonder...

This little doll is for sure one of the creepiest I ever saw.
The only doll I ever had was ugly too and the one my eldest once became made it cry hysterical and I hid it on the loft.
According to the youngest this doll, or all old dolls, are the reason so many thrillers/horrors are made with dolls in it.

"Blue riding hood" has legs not made for standing up straight.
It's good to see it wears underwear. The clothes are glued to the body.

The dolls and tiny things I show belong to a dollhouse. I bought it because it's ugliness made it beautiful.
It needs to be renovated after all these years.

"What do you think of this little doll?**
To be honest I find it less scary as the two white ones I showed you.
Its face is so much sweeter and the material used is different.
I could dress it different but this means the way people looked at each other will be taken away too.
I doubt this doll belongs to the house but it's precious to me.

This chair (I have two of these) I daily sit on is old too.
I bought the set + a table about 19-20 years ago.

A peep into the vintage shop.

This is a photo of the shop my eldest runs.
Is there anything you remember?

I once had a collection of old cameras.
As I became ill it was the end of that hobby.

More clothes.

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Awesome, that is a classic brand of sewing machine. We also have that kind when i was a kid. We have four of that.

Great machines they are and real beauties. You collect them or work(ed) with it?
Thank you for your comment. I wish you a great day. 💕

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My mother owns it, and a means of our livelihood when i was small.

Nice vintage shop !shop

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I will pass the message. Thank you for your comment and support. 💕

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My dear you made me laugh on this post. I don't think my theme this week will make me smile. Your sewing machine looks like ours in the Philippines. The creepy dolls and the clock of that style is a proof of the old model. Wahahaha.. Good luck and thank you for sharing your vintage stuff! Congratulations for the huge curation on this post.

Good to hear you laugh!
You have to admit that doll is creepy. It reminds me of a book where one sister takes out the eyes of the doll of the other sister...

I think these sewing machines can be found all over the world. It is quality not the cheap plastic they make now.

Thank you for your comment and congratulations. Let's have fun here as long as we can. 💕

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Que sorpresa! mi mamá tuvo esa máquina de coser, la heredó una cuñada. También esas muñecas, y los muebles y otras cosas. jajaja saludos @wakeupkitty.

De Verdad? Eso es gracioso. Te sentirás como en casa conmigo. Abrazo 💕

Really? That is funny. You will feel home with me. Hugs 💕

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Si, jajaja. Tuve ese mismo despertador cuando trabajé como enfermera. Te faltó colocar la lampara de kerosen, quizás es la misma que tuve yo.

#Love all the vintage items - even the creepy doll - and especially the treadle sewing machine. I have one but can't figure out how to thread the shuttle. Must revisit @fitinfun's book "Obesity Excuses," the chapter on how we mustn't sell ourselves short, give up, and fail to master new tech. This is OLD tech - all the more reason for me to master it!
Thank you for the trip to the past and all the inspiration!

The old is quality and it's such a pity to waste it not use and enjoy it.
What issue you have with your machine?

The bus-kid studied the creepy doll and was surprised they made such little eyes open and close. The doll-doctor is no longer needed either. We live in the throwaway age.. People do no longer have the skills to repair what is broke or the broken part is more expensive as buying new.

Happy day. Take hood care of what you have. 💕

The broken part is more expensive than buying new--and our landfills are clogged with broken electronics and appliances, coats with broken zippers (my pet peeve), so many things that could have been built to last, but cheaper parts are used to save a few pennies - AND to keep consumers buying, buying, buying new. Ooh. I gotta stop thinking about this one. Minimalist movments and Tiny House fads might help curb our consumerism and throw-away mentality.

I really hope minimalism and reusing will help. I think the cheap stuff is mainly made to make us keep buying. What a waste 🙁💕