A Pop-Up WeWrite Contest Continuation

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A continuation of @owasco's beginning at https://beta.steempeak.com/@owasco/a-pop-up-wewrite-contest. Read that first. Then come back.

A sandwich. All he wants is a sandwich. A sandwich. The sandwich. The perfect sandwich! A kingdom for a sandwich!

The bread is too hard, it's too soft, it's too wet. The peanut butter has too many peanuts in it. The vegan meal doesn't have enough hamburger. The litany of complaints goes on, and on, and on.

There was no comfort to be had in the kitchen. Everything was a reminder of the failures I've met as a caregiver. Even the knife that I now used to slice up carrots - the same carrots he wanted yesterday! - did not bring any comfort, and I've used this knife for 10, maybe 20 years. Stupid knife.

"I need a sandwich!" came the wail from the other room.

"How about a bath first?" I called back without even thinking about it. "Want me to draw you a bath while I make you another sandwich?"


Well that's a reprieve. I let out a sigh while padding into the bathroom to draw the bath. A bubble bath. With lavender bubbles. That always calmed me down, anyway. The temperature was perfect and I sat there on the edge of the tub waiting for it to fill, at which point I turned the faucets with a squeak and went back into the kitchen while he lowered himself into the bath.

So what to make what to make what to make... Oh! An idea! The bread was too wet. It should be dried!

"Would you like your sandwich toasted, sweety?" I called.

"Sure!" I heard him yell back through the walls. "As long as it doesn't suck!"

It doesn't suck. It won't suck. I just need to toast the bread. I just need the toaster. And maybe he needs to see it toast. I know just how to make this sandwich. Snatching the toaster off the counter I carry it purposefully toward the bathroom, plug it in, and toss it into the tub. I don't even look as I spin around to stride back into the kitchen.


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Now.. That's an interesting way to end the story..
You sure caught me off guard there :)

I enjoy wild twists to stories. It's like watching a movie and thinking "Bah, that was boring." No one ever expects electrocution by toaster!

Good story. Haha WW that’s one way to get rid of a pain in the rear.

lol. Thanks! Sometimes my 'best' ideas aren't good ones at all!

lol. Thanks! Sometimes my 'best' ideas aren't good ones at all!

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Wow! I didn't see that coming. Your character gave no indication, but she turned out to be sure what the guy deserved.
Well done!

Thank you! I can imagine the Death Certificate: "Died by spontaneous toaster electrocution in bathtub". Hahaha.

Whoah what just happened there? I wasn't expecting that lol. I like how you think with your story.

Haha! Thanks! I'm glad it had the desired response!

Do write on

Soooo many ideas I have. Sooooooo many.

Oooh, what a setup! I'll bet he'd gotten all comfy in the bath water, and that damned toaster just ruined everything! 😂

I bet it produced some extra bubbles! Bwahahaha!

And a mess in the tub to be cleaned... ewwww!

You got a smile out of me. I read the whole thing and I want more.

lol! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm not sure what more I can give to this one, but I'll try another similarly dark tale sometime!

Brutal. I laughed at the ending.. does that make me a terrible person? hehe.

LOL! Only if it makes me one as well! You shoulda seen the grin on my face when that idea first came to me!

@wwwiebe - OMG I wasn't expecting that, lol. One minute she sounds like the only thing in the world is to make him feel better and then - BOOM - on with your life. (And out with his.)

At least now he won't have a need to complain about food anymore! Hahahaha!

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Thank you very much!

All done... Got him at last, no fear no favour! This sandwich sure must have sucked after all, great read, wicked.

Hee! Thanks! Remember, the next time someone offers to draw you a bath, accept it, and then lock the door! Hahahaha!

Did you put a link to this on my post? If so I missed it. I'll be right back. Gotta go make a PB sandwich.

Oh goodness she is going to burn for that one! I think you are one of the very few who actually offed the guy. Nice story arc, great surprise ending. Buh bye to the creep!
Thank you for your entry!!! It's a good thing you got into the community post or I would have missed this one altogether.

I did not put a link to this in your post because, as it progressed, I was actually concerned that you wouldn't appreciate the final twist. I hope you don't find it to macabre!

What?! That's cray cray. Of course I appreciate it. It's a story! Anyway, it's officially entered in my contest.

Hahaha, a roasted ending here my friend.
Blessings and well done!

Thanks! I mean, who hasn't thought of doing that to a loved one at least once, right? LOL! (just kidding 😊)

Hey, hey now. Thoughts like that might just attract similar thoughts from another towards the self my friend.
Take care hahaha.

lol..I like the way you took care of the situation sir wwwiebe!

Haha, thanks! I like to think it was a shocking twist!

Nice twist! I did not see it coming! Great story!

Thank you very much! I wasn't even sure where I was going with the story until about half way through.

What a nice development! Totally out of character, but nice nonetheless. Although you are missing the part of the story where the lady got possessed with the demon. :)

Hahaha! Yes, that would have been pretty epic too!

LoL. Loved it. So much for that toast, cause he's gonna be toast pretty soon.

I love what you say above @wwwiebe:

"Snatching the toaster off the counter I carry it purposefully toward the bathroom, plug it in, and toss it into the tub. I don't even look as I spin around to stride back into the kitchen."

LMAO! Good job. Cause at first I was going to scald him with some grits.

Ouch! I’m sure things did not end well! You have quite an imagination, @wwwiebe. 😁