Lazy Man's Blueberry Cobbler

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One of the best things - and I mean that in all sincerity - one of the best things about being a lazy man and a lazy baker is that you can find all sorts of shortcuts to do all sorts of neat things, and not even feel guilty about it. Really. The world runs on lazy. The best inventions the world has seen - microwave ovens, televisions, sliced bread - are all so people can be even lazier.

So, fitting the mold perfectly, I have found the ultimately lazy way to bake a blueberry cobbler in a cast iron dutch oven using only four ingredients.

Yes, four. And one of them is not what you think. And the end result is pretty tasty!



  • 4 cups of blueberries.
  • A cake mix. White or yellow works.
  • Some butter. Not margarine, you heathens. Butter.
  • One can of Sprite.



First, preheat the oven to 375F/190C. If you are using a campfire, get about 20 charcoal bricks.

Measure out four cups of blueberries. Eat any in excess of that. Seriously. They're tasty, and healthy.


Pour the blueberries into the cast iron dutch oven.



Seriously, doesn't that already look good, just like that? I like to put a little more than four cups in, because I usually end up snacking on them.

And cooking in cast iron is awesome. Not only are you able to use a cast iron anything to defend yourself with in the event of the zombie apocalypse, but a properly cured cast iron pot, pan, oven, is super easy to clean.

Next, mix the cake mix with the can of Sprite. Yes, I kid you not. Pour the cake mix into a bowl, pour the Sprite over it, and mix it gently. Fold it. Do not overmix it. Make it fluffy. The carbonation will help.

I like using Betty Crocker's Super Moist mixes.


This is what the cake mix should look like.


Pour the cake mix over the blueberries. Mmmmm.


Now, slice up some butter chunks and place them strategically over the mix. It will melt into the mix and make it oh-so-nummy. It's almost impossible to use too much butter. I use close to an entire stick.


To bake it, put the top back on the dutch oven and place it into the kitchen oven for 45 minutes. If you're baking over a campfire, put the top on upside down and place 10 of the super-hot charcoals on top, then place the dutch oven on another 10 super-hot charcoals and bake that bad boy that way.

After 45 minutes the nummy goodness will be ready. The middle may still be moist and gooey, but I personally like it that way. Scoop it and serve it with some vanilla ice cream and indulge in some lazy tastiness.

Then have someone else clean it up.

Next time I do this I'm going to slice up 4 cups of strawberries and try the same trick with a chocolate cake. I'm already drooling.

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You really weren't kidding, were you? This cobbler is so much better thanyou were telling me!

I think my lazy self may try this tonight! My head is trying to think of other fruits to use although blueberries are one of my favorite! Thanks again Victor!


I hope you got to try it out! I'm looking forward to seeing what you think of it!

I bought the Sprite this morning. Guess what is for dessert tonight?

Woot! Looking forward to pictures!

Booooooo. The blueberry person came home empty-handed. Perhaps tomorrow, they said. Frozen just doesn't taste the same. This thing will get done tomorrow. As of Monday, I am needing to kick snacks to the curb.

I noticed my scale lying to me again.

Looks great WW and so quick and easy to make. I guess the sprite would have the fizz and the sugar needed.

mmmm I could eat that right now. Looks superb

Oh it's really nummy. Good cold, too after being in the fridge for awhile. And I suppose the blueberries are healthy, so there's that. 😃

want must


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Not that lazy because you made it nicely. I have no idea how to bake so I'll just enjoy the directions you gave. lol

And it's so easy to do! Everyone should give it a try.

The sprite was quite funny though. Too bad blueberries are not common in my country, I would even say I have never tasted it.

What is on my mind is if you can add sprite to make it taste good like you have said then what else can be added? It's an experiment I wish to try 🤗🤗

Great post. Thanks for sharing

Right? I think about anything can be added to it! I'm going to try some other fruits next time, and probably a different flavour cake, too. I'm thinking a strawberry cake would make an interesting twist.

Okay man.

Who'd have thought Sprite eh? Sounds and looks delicious.

My boy's love Dr. Pepper. I might experiment with that and see how it turns out (though I'm not expecting anything good)

So misunderstood!

Stop it! Ah damn it, too late. You've done gone and made me want cobbler now. Evil man, you're evil.


Have a great weekend, when it finally arrives for you guys!

Haha! I don't even need to try! It's in my blood. 😉 Hope you're having a great weekend!

Lol, yep I can see that. :)

Have a nice weekend yourself.

when i seen this then ...feeling hungry. 😋😊 thanks for share this .

You're welcome! Thanks for stopping by!

For God's sake man. Have you no decency? It's grocery day, I haven't eaten, and now I'm starving. That looks really good and probably easy enough that my lazy ass can fix it.

I've been looking at my cast Iron deep skillet pretty carefully lately. A friend asked me for 'a genuine American cornbread recipe'. I sent her two, but one involved a skillet with butter on the bottom AND the top (can't have too much butter) and it is soooo good.

Which brings me back to the decency question. I am a fat boy so really try to stay away from sugar and deserts. If I make your recipe I'll have to buy a cake mix (sugar), and a 6 pack of Sprite. That'll not only leave me with a luscious desert to eat but 5 cans of Sprite to drink. Is this where I mention YOLO?

Thanks Victor. It's a great looking desert and I appreciate it!

It is lazy and easy! That's why I do it! 😂 If it took much more than that I just might buy something pre-baked!

Then have someone else clean it up.

Hey that's where I come in. And I have no problem with cleanup for a taste of such blueberry goodness. It's well worth the effort. 😁

I wish my boys had the same attitude! 😂

Our boys have zero initiative when it comes to cleaning but they don't put a fuss when it has to be done. They're better than I was at that age. 😁

Who doesn’t enjoy a nibble of Betty Crocker’s super moist cobbler!

Right? So much easier than scratch.

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Wow...sprite also? I never knew that is a thing when baking. However, it looks nice coming from a lazy baker. 😄

Thanks! I can excel at laziness. 😃

This gal here is certainly going to try this with some apple cubes ( a bit of elbow grease needed for that only but berries are scarce at the moment. I like the addition of Sprite, sure will make it lighter!
Thank you @wwwiebe:)

Apple sounds tasty, too. Maybe mix in some cinnamon! Oh, now I might need to try that, too. Mmmm.

lovely, Now this idea is genius. This is me giving you an award from the ALF association of which I am a chairman of, an award of innovation. I should try this. Oh, and btw, ALF means Amazingly Lazy folks. haha.

ALF! Hahaha! Love it! 😂


not margarine you heathens

get someone else to clean it up

Certainly does look nummy.

It needs to be butter for the numminess factor. Lard wouldn't work either. Ew.

Idk I've had some really good lard. I've also gotten a very high bad cholesterol level. Might have something to do with the triple creme cheese I eat three times a day, and the butter I put on everything, including cheese. I had to pull back and am having the levels checked again this week. Wish me luck!!

This is brilliant, using Sprite in stead of baking powder and milk. And on a camping trip, especially, this would be much easier with fewer supplies to bring along! KUDOS! and thanks for sharing! 😋

Thank you very much! I really want to go camping again, if only to try this out over a campfire. Maybe in the autumn when it isn't 5,000 degrees outside. 😂

That is super easy method of getting a delicious blueberry cobbler!
I like the method you shared of baking it on the campfire. That may come in handy for other types of cooking when you don't have access to an oven. We have a wood heater and large cast iron pot for cooking with so when the power goes out in the winter I may try your method of cooking inside the wood heater.
Thanks for sharing!

I bet the wood heater would work magnificently! I do hope you get to try it and let me know how it worked out.

Ok I have to ask did you make this naked ?

Alas, no pictures to prove it one way or another.


Looks delicious and super easy to make.
Thank you for sharing.

Thank you!

Okay... you know that Imma try this, @wwwiebe! Hmmm.. no eggs? This is vegan then if cooked with veggie oil and not butter.

Nope, no eggs at all. And the butter is purely for flavour, nothing else. I'm not sure if vegetable oil would have the same effect or not. Margarine might work; I might try that just for curiousity sake.

Tomorrow is a good time to do it. I shall use margarine! For sure margarine will work!
Thanks for sharing the recipe, it does look like no-muss-no-fuss cooking! 🥰🌺🤙

Yum! Hey, with four cups of blueberries it just has to be healthy, right? The Sprite is certainly interesting. Does that act as leavening?

Not margarine, you heathens.

You tell 'em!

Yes! The sprite acts as the leavening, the butter as a flavouring and something of a combiner, and the blueberries as all the nummy goodness. And there are so many permutations of cake flavours and fruits, all of which can be mixed. My next might be a "goulash cobbler."

I'm actually going to have to try this! And it's so simple.

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