Sublime Sunday - The Zombie Apocalypse

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Alright, so it isn't exactly the Zombie Apocalypse out there - yet. But is does feel like some sort of post-apocalyptic world.

For @coffeea's #sublimesunday, I decided to explore this strange, new world to see how it is faring during a pandemic when citizens are encouraged to stay home. It really does sound like a sci-fi movie.

And it rather looks like a horror movie, too. I visited "STAR Campus" in Newark, Delaware (not New Jersey). STAR Campus (in all uppercase, because it is an acronym - Science, Technology And Research) used to be a Chrysler manufacturing plant. Chrysler shut it down and the property was bought by the University of Delaware. Now it feels lonely and isolated.

Behold: The Streets of Newark


I was literally able to walk down the middle of the street. There was practically no one around driving.


Even the construction site looked abandoned, like the entire crew either packed up and fled, or were overtaken by some noxious fume and laid them all out. All that is missing is a tumbleweed.



This is one of my favourite of the bunch. It really gives an aura that there was once a civilisation here that suffered some form of tragic ending.


It was lonely, and desolate. This road looks like it goes on forever without anyone remotely nearby.


Does this not look like something completely laid waste to it?


Look. There's just no life for as far as the eye can see.


This is the Newark train station. Amtrak and Septa both stop here, and the parking lot is usually full of commuters taking the train up to Wilmington or Philadelphia. Not today.


Of course, not all was doom and gloom. There were indications that nature herself was laughing at us humans. All through the campus are these makeshift artificial dog cutouts - complete with dogtags - intended to scare off the the geese population. We could call them "scaredogs" and they were everywhere.


The geese were not fooled, and gave no f***s. This one was sitting on a nest and was by no means going to let me get close. She's got her babies with her, so I politely gave her a wide berth.


That fowl was the only form of life around.


(c) All images and photographs, unless otherwise specified, are created and owned by me.
(c) Victor Wiebe






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Great pictures, @wwwiebe. I love the fact that the goose is the only one in color! It's so great that we have social media. Can you imagine if this was all going down in the time before the Internet?

Interestingly, my oldest son, last year, wrote a report on the Spanish Flu and how it ripped through Delaware. I think that's the best example for what could happen in modern times without modern communication! Frightening stuff.

I will look that up. I feel completely ill prepared psychologically for what we are up against here!

That goose looks like it made a nest. I feel sorry for the victims who must park nearby, lol.

Oh yeah, no kidding. I definitely socially-distanced myself from her! She looked serious.

Love the images but they make me sad

I'll admit, I was very selective. Some of the pictures, particularly in colour, were not nearly as depressing. I was going for a certain vibe with these.

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Thank you!

I really liked your story, I wanted to read more.

Thank you! I'll see if I can get some more creepy photos somewhere else soon.

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Thank you!

A zombie goose... now that would be terrifying! We live in a pretty quiet place anyway, so although it is quieter it is not a weird as going to a place that is normally really busy!

A zombie goose! Now that's a story waiting to happen.

I wonder if the geese rolled their eyes when they saw the fake scaredogs, LOL.

LOL! I wonder how many went up to check them out, too. It's almost a shame they couldn't just hire jazzed up AD-HD kids to buzz around the parking lots all the time.

Alas, same thing everywhere! I live in the city and streets are mostly empty 😑😑 take lotsa care! Be safe & well 😊😊

Everywhere! You've got zombies there too? 😂

😂🤣 hungry folks & bad government. Some folks took to the streets yesterday. Then president went on national TV threatening to shoot dissenters. Geez how about feeding hungry folks first huh?! 😑😑

No kidding! Wars are fought first and foremost over resources, secondly over politics and religion. If everyone had enough to eat, there would be far less rioting and violence.

Howdy sir wwwiebe!Those are amazing images, especially the desolation and abandoned look of the area. Here it's still jammed packed with traffic, highways are busier than ever, parking lots and stores are packed, there is no indication that a stay at home order is in place! lol.

Wow. Very interesting and eerie. Love the Zombie genre. One positive thing to take away from this is the fact that everyone is self-isolating. Black and white was a good touch.

Thank you! Yes, I actually went out with black and white in mind. I'm glad you like it!

Wow! To think that place was bustling not that long ago (I would like to think). I was living at Southgate Garden Apartments right behind the plant. Nestled between the plant and the stadium entrance. During the summers (around 1997-99ish) I would sit on our back balcony, smoking cigars and drinking whiskey while watching them race half put together Durangos and Dakotas. I felt bad for whomever ended up buying these vehicles.. but I did laugh while they where racing in a vehicle with no seats or panels. That area has really changed a lot since the late 90's and early 2000's. I had a good time living there. I also did a lot of fishing on White Clay Creek. Good times :-) Thanks for the tour!!

You're welcome! At least UD is working on turning it into a tech and innovation hub, and not just student housing. They've even been lobbying Amtrak for better train service, hence the new train station. It'll look nice when it's done, it's just that right now it looks abandoned.

Reality, but hopefully not the new norm. Keep hope alive!

So right, it all feels kind of surreal when one sees the busy streets empty, like we're all playing a part in a horror movie! But now is the time to create a little piece of paradise in our own homes.

As a scarecrow fan, I approve scaredogs :)

I approve of dogs as a whole, as a general rule too. 😃

Woo!! what loneliness you see on those streets. Here we still see cars and some people on the streets. Although most people are voluntarily quarantining, there are always those who going out to the parks.

I do need to admit, I chose a location that I knew was going to be quiet anyway, but I really wanted to see what I could do with it in black and white.

Nicw captures! It is so surreal how everything can come to a standstill so quickly! Never thought in a million years I would be witnessing this although I'm not as effected for I already live in a more remote area where I'm use to not seeing many people, I live in the forest with the wildlife all around us. How strange it would be to be in the city!
Thanks for sharing!

It's really bizarre outside right now, for sure. I almost feel guilty for going outside. Almost. Sunshine will always do us all good!

As a true zombie aficionado, I approve this message:)

Thank you! 😃 It really is somewhat eerie outside; granted, I cheated a little and chose a site that I knew was under construction, but the pictures really look creepy in black and white.

They achieved the mood:)

I am fascinated by the dog cutouts.

I know, right? I couldn't figure them out - like, why are they here? - until I saw the goose. Then I laughed, and I think that pissed the goose off. She was none too happy to see me.

It is surreal seeing everything deserted. People in my town are always walking here and there. I am hearing less and less traffic, but my understanding is the public parks (although technically closed) have been full of families mingling and kids playing pickup games of basketball. Meanwhile, I'm in my house steering clear. Not having a great time with all this isolation, but my goal is to have access to healthcare when I do get this virus. Here's hoping there's a bed for me if/when I need it!

Hopefully you stay healthy completely! I went out for a bike ride today, making sure to steer clear of everyone. There were indeed more people out on the trail than I was expecting, but at least everyone was keeping a distance.

Goose has it made in the shade.

That goose was not happy to see me at all. She had some baby eggs to protect, and I was not interested in getting much closer. She looked pretty comfortable though!

Careful you don't get bitten :-)

It's pretty crazy out there buddy. 🙏

It really is! Zombies! Mutants! Canadians! It's a mad, mad world my friend.