Tree Tuesday - February Trees

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So, somehow, it became February. I'm not entirely sure I know how or when this happened because it was Christmas just yesterday. We were posting pictures of Christmas Tree Tuesday on ... well ... on Tuesday's, Christmas ornaments every day of the week, and eating way too many cookies.

And now somehow it's February. Really? Does the fun need to stop?

No, I say; No! The fun does not need to stop!

I present to you: The Valentine's Tree for Tree Tuesday, hosted by @old-guy-photos!

>Insert trumpets and fanfare here<


--> The Tree! <--


Yes, this is a four foot tall artificial tree that I have that I used to decorate year round. For some reason I stopped, but I recently found it and felt the time was right. I think it looks nice beside the piano; the old, beat up piano.


I have the St. Patrick's decorations ready, too, so the tree will most likely be sporting green within the next few weeks. Maybe St. Patrick himself will come visit me to leave me a pack of Guinness!


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It does look good next to the piano! Nice one!

Thanks! I think next I need to redo all the doodads on top of the piano, too. And then maybe make the kids pay the thing again!

What a neat idea, one tree with variety of uses. Decorate it up for the occasion in a smart comfy corner with grand old piano.

I'm going to need to resist the temptation to leave little gifts beneath it.

Or maybe I wont' resist. It'll be funny.

Pretty decorations you have there @wwwiebe, a nice one for the Valentine's...and your boy is cute too.😃

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Thank you! 😃That's the youngest boy. He's a hoot.

Lovely tree! Fits perfectly next to the piano!

Nice! Lovely way to decorate 😊😊

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❤ MWAH!!! ❤

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lol...this is hilarius sir wwwiebe! You're really doing this. I wouldn't get my hopes up for that Guinness though! But the whole tree idea...why not?

The Guinness might show up! I mean, I know a guy.. he looks kinda like me.. he just might pull through

lol..too funny sir wwwiebe!