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Its so pathetic that most Christians Including me most times or sometimes value the relationships we have with humans more than the relationship we have with God.
When we are in intimate relationship with humans we get to study the person, know what he or she likes or not, ranging from the food they like, the clothes or shoes they love, their best colours, their best game, best local dish or international dish, their best music genre, and all of sorts, we tend to be so determined or even faithful at keeping to the rules and regulations given to us by these sets of people because we love and value them so much and so we want the relationship we have with them to probably work.
Most times we go as far as asking them what we could do to make the relationship work.

If you aren't in an intimate relationship with someone or you do not value the person, you would never go extra mikes to make that relationship work, if the person you ate involved in is sharp and sensitive he or she would notice that you aren't interested from the you relate with them to the way you receive their calls, to the way you treat them, to your nonchalant attitudes when it comes to matter that concerns them etc.

Now If I may ask when last have you been so deliberate in making your relationship with your creator work, when? When last have you asked God how you could make your relationship with him work? When last have you asked God to tell you what and what he likes and dislikes or better still you find that in his word, least you offend him or make him angry.
Or you just feel that since he is always a merciful God that you can get serious with him on Monday and Tuesday, then you stop being serious, and you do whatever you want with your life on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday then Sunday since you would go to church you behave all good, and the routine continues like that, I ask again whom are you deceiving, me,God, your pastors or yourself?
Is your relationship with God intimate or casual? Because it were intimate you would make it work just like you make your intimate relationship with humans work, in shot you ought to do more when it comes to God, go out of your way or ego to please or make your creator happy he deserves it.

I am not trying to present God as a task Master here neither am I trying to say that our relationship with people isn't of importance but all I am saying is that we get more intimate with God, and we should be deliberate in making it work.
Hope this get in well to you?
I repeat let's be more conscious and deliberate in making our relationship with God work.
May God help us, Amen.

I am


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