LIFE WITH Or LIFE WITHOUT JESUS; Which do you prefer?

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The picture is quit explanatory, life without Jesus is meaningless.
I can remember a song I learnt back then in children Sunday school, it goes thus:-

When Jesus is in your family, happy happy home, and when Satan is in your family trouble trouble home......

So If I may ask which would you prefer?
Happiness or troubles (sorrow). As for me I would choose happiness and if I choose happiness then that means I must first have Jesus in my life.

Another song I was taught too goes thus:

With Jesus in my boat I can smile at the storm, smile at the storm, smile at the storm while I am sailing home.

Life with Jesus is joyous, peaceful, edifying etc but when Jesus is absent in a life or family its really disastrous.

I pray and admonish you this morning to accept Jesus in your life today, and your life will never remain this same.
No matter how you have derailed For still needs you.

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