Make your marriage exceptional..

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Marriage was first instituted by God and the Bible makes us understand that marriage is honourable among all and hence must be constituted and entered into with dignity. God takes marriage seriously and always wants to be involved.


Marriage was designed by God to be enjoyed and not to be endured. The main reason many persons are not enjoying their marriages is because Jesus is not at the centre of these marriages. The moment you prioritize Jesus in your marriage, He will make your marriage exceptional.

Sadly, many marriages have gone sour, lacking sweetness and therefore defeating the purpose of God as concerning marriage. Divorce count is increasing and becoming very rampant as well.

Only Jesus can make a home peaceful and worthy of attraction. Let your marriage not be cited in cases of bad marriages. To make your marriage exceptional and fruitful, you must;

  • Have Jesus in your life and marriage: Only Jesus can make things perfect and enjoyable. Without Jesus, nothing can work. The absence of Jesus gives room to disaster. Having Jesus in your life and marriage is the best thing that can ever happen to a person and a marriage. The presence of Jesus brings joy and happiness; it takes away pain and reproach.

  • Engage Christ in your marriage: Until the bridegroom in that marriage at Canaan engaged Jesus, no miracle happened. You have to constantly seek His face, make your request known unto Him and He will definitely answer.

When Jesus is at the center of your home, every other thing will take shape. At every point in time, always recognize Jesus in your marriage for it to be exceptional and unique.

God bless you.

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Both parties need to be spiritually mature. They shouldn't focus on what their partner isn't doing. They should focus on what they can do to make their partner happier.

What I see a lot in the church are wives that don't respect their husbands and husbands that don't love their wives. They should understand that God will judge them both for that.

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