Purchasing 100k SPORTS to reach 8 million SPORTS stake mark


I am quite so ready and so determined to reach the 10 million SPORTS token mark by the end of today. As at the time of making this post, I have just 9 hours more to enter into the next quarter. i just purchased 100,000 more SPORTS tokens and that would help me reach the 8 million stake mark.

This is my way of preparing for Nigeria football leagues onboarding of the hive blockchain and SPORTS will be used to power them in welcome. This would happen soon and then we would begin to see why I had to give in so much about investing in SPORTS.

At the moment, a SPORTS token is worth almost nothing but the tables would change soon. I am hopeful of a season when each SPORTS token would be valued at $0.001. Yeah, it may take weeks or months but it would come through.

Another league of rewards would be unleashed for sports lovers when I finally reach the 10 million SPORTS stake mark. Donations would be accepted if you wish. No promises of returns .. lol

This is not an investment advice, but a report of my investments on the steem hive chain.

Let's build the #SportsTalkSocial community together...

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What an exciting and fantastic moment! After achieving the target, it feels great!
Congratulations @uyobong! :)

Thanks for the encouraging words. I'm motivated to aim for more.Hoping for when my single upvote could be worth over 20k SPORTS