Coronavirus shuts school attended by Swedish royals By Reuters

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A restrictive non-public school in Stockholm, which considers Swedish sovereignty as a real part of its understudies, shut on Thursday after an understudy tried positive for the coronavirus, the regal court said.  

Gone to by Princess Estelle, granddaughter of King Carl XVI Gustaf and second in line to the honored position, the Campus Manilla school draws its students from Sweden's wealthiest families.  

"They have had a student at the school who has tried positive for the coronavirus, that is the explanation they shut the school," the court's press secretary Johan Tegel told Reuters.  

The princess isn't the student who tried positive, Tegel stated, including just that she "didn't go to class today."  

The quantity of affirmed coronavirus cases in Sweden rose to 60 on Thursday, the wellbeing authority said.  

Stockholm's provincial authority said on Thursday the reason for disease in four cases - which had been under scrutiny - could now be connected to make a trip to contaminated territories outside Sweden or contact with individuals from those regions. 

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