Earth Hour - A personal story

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Today, March 28, 2020 the world will come together for "Earth Hour."

Earth hour is a grass roots political movement to bring awareness about earth and pollution and how we as a people can come together to do "something" about it. 

For an hour today everyone who participates will be collectively turning off the lights. It is an easy way to participate. 

My children and I will be playing monopoly with candles, that should be fun 

Will you be participating in earth hour today? And if yes, how? 

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I actually missed this one 😔 I only switched off all the lights after 9pm, though I only turn the lights on in the kitchen and bedroom at night if I need to get something, most of the time it's off.

We have lots of practice because we practice OMM hour - it’s a California practice of reducing energy as much as possible when our electric grid is in danger of causing rolling blackouts.

We get points which we can exchange for cash or prizes when we participate.

My kids LOVE IT, we turn off all the lights and play Board games with candles 🕯 lit.

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