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For some weeks now, I think I have been quiet a little bit. A for once saw there is going to be lost for my team, Liverpool fc. I never thought for once that it will be Watford fc. But truth be told, I should be used to the English premier league right now. What am trying to say is that you should always get your self prepared. The smalller team will always be an obstacle when they found out that they need some wins to come out of the relegation zone. What I always let people know that, when it comes to the second leg, expect worst things from any team in the relegation zone.



Now my concerned was not the lost to Watford but our lost since then. I was really confused. Take a look at it, you will see that we have lost a total of 3 matches altogether. The lost start frst at Tico, now Watford stopped our unbeaten run, now Chelsea fc got us defeated again when we face them during the Fa cup.

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This is really a trying time for Liverpool fc. I read a post where I saw that a child address message to Liverpool fc asking them to stop winning all the time, boom, we start loosing.

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Dont really know if that is true, but any way, right now am concerned about Jurgen Klopp and the English premier league, how I wish we can win it and start loosing from there.

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