Nickelodeon's Worst Superhero

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Let's go to my list: Adventures of Milkman. Check. Bananaman. Check. Next up is...Oh, yeah. That kid. Inside-Out Boy (voiced by: I can't find a reference to the voice actor of this character).

Whenever an intro has the line "Where are my pants?" you know you've been warned about what is coming next. Just so you don't think about that no pants thing the intro tries to confuse you with the contradictions "...incredible powers beyond those of any superhero" and "...He couldn't fly or even leap tall buildings". Way to go Nickelodeon!

Maybe it is weird but in my mind I associate Inside-Out Boy with Clarissa Explains It All because that tended to be when I saw this, according to IMDB, "commercial series". What demographic exactly was Nickelodeon targeting? Little psychopaths who will become serial killers and/or necrophiliacs?

In 2020 any kid who gets turned inside out swinging over the bar on a playground would lawyer up. But this was the 1990s. Kids assumed the risk, right? There was no 24/7 news cycle as we know it now so very few adults were aware of the fact that a kid was going day by day looking like an autonomous limited edition Halloween Operation board game. It's not like that could ever become common knowledge back then.


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I don't know. If his body was flipped inside out then where's the bottom hypodermis tissue that should be in the front? Was it all shoved behind him? What is holding all those organs in? Biology isn't my strongest science but I am virtually certain viruses and bacteria infection must be an ongoing issue. Am I missing something?

Seriously. Somebody needs to be studying this. Even if it's a liberal arts major claiming this series is a sociopolitical commentary on racial discrimination.

There is one thing I do know: You can't make a claymation abomination cool by referring to him as "I.O.B.". That kind of image rehabilitation needs more than a simple acronym.

Make no mistake. Inside-Out Boy is no superhero. When you go around scaring adults like that someone is bound to die. Somebody with an underlying cardiac problem has little hope against that kind of shock. Wear a jumpsuit. Save a life.

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If a creature was magically flipped inside-out, you might as well give it some kind of elastic and transparent membrane, not to be confused with skin lol, that would hold the guts together like fruit stuck inside jello.

Internal Walls

Technically speaking, surgeons do open up human bodies during surgery and you can move things around a bit. So in theory, you could say that blood would NOT be squirting out as blood travels through internal vessels, AKA like inside skin tissue. So, skin is like external walls.

Ant-Man Man

But the body also has internal walls, coverings, tissue, cell walls, etc. But to be completely literal, if you were folded inside-out, you would become like an ant as bones are at the center on the body, basically. So, you would become Ant Man. Maybe they got the idea for Ant Man from this Inside-Out Man, just kidding. At least Ant Man was kind of cool.

You know it was a bad when the voice actor tries to hide from being connected to it lol.

I don't know whether or not the voice actor doesn't want credit. The problem with voice actors is it's hard to even get a clue about age or gender. For all I know the voice actor could have died between the time Inside-Out Boy stopped making new stories and launched.

Sometimes for old media finding references is difficult. I had the same problem trying to credit an actor when I reviewed the only public domain episode of the 1950s Adventures of Superman TV series.

Yeah. I bet it can be hard. Right now, I'm trying to find a local TV talk show or something that aired an episode in Oregon in January of 1983 featuring my brother, my sister, my dad, my mom. I was born in 1985, so this was before my time. National television programming seems to be easier to find than that of the local shows.

Finding a citation is one thing but an entire episode from an early '80s local broadcast is a whole different task. Yeah.

Maybe you've already tried but if I were you I would make a post about that on the Lost Media Wiki's forum. Maybe someone who specializes in lost media can help you track that down if any copies still exist.

Good idea.


Yea lol.