Can I use my Dance tokens or SPORTS in exchange for dance classes in London?

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Dear dance lovers

Although I know many dance teachers in London, they still don't know about Steemit or STEEM. Even if they knew, they would still find difficult to exchange STEEM for GBP.

To be honest I don't need dance classes but I like to take dance classes now and then for fun. It's good for you taking group dance classes sometimes because they help you to socialise.

I would pay for a group dance class not more than 7 GBP, 53 STEEM, 245000 SPORTS or 200,000,000 Dance tokens (DT). I'm talking at the current prices.

When you think again better probably it's not worth to spend all those tokens for a group dance class. On the other hand when or where am I going to use my tokens?

Please feel free to promote your dance events, classes, workshops in London and anywhere else on if you are a dance teacher.

Please feel free to leave a comment and thank you for reading!

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I would love to participate in a dance class I always see them on YouTube but as you say it is important to socialize and meet new people ..

I attend classes in clubs and I like dancing even more after the classes.

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