Music and dance projects which will run on "Let's dance" community from now on

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Dear music and dance lovers

You know that I love music and dance.

I have been organising music and dance projects on Steemit and now on Hive for a long time.

This is the community that you can join if you wish to find out more about the latest dance projects.

I started with Hive dance contest because I wanted to have a dance contest on this platform but since I'm no longer using Steemit, I will suggest instead the original dance contest that I started on Steemit three years ago.

Tomorrow I won't be announcing Hive dance contest week 19 but on Monday I will announce Dance contest week 155.

A big thank you goes to @upmewhale, @fambalam, @c0ff33a, @enginewitty, @saffisara, all #thealliance family and all the other Hive members for supporting my posts.

A big thank you to @Mariluna for taking part in all my music and dance projects for a long time.

These are the music and dance projects which will still run and are normally announced on Monday:

Please feel free to leave a comment and thank you for your support!

For some of the previous dance contests and "Dance and have" projects on Hive please visit,

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Musicians: We just opened a World of Music Community on Hive. I invite you to join and share your music there! 🎵🗺️

Here's a preview of our music map! Colored by Genre
Screenshot 20200628 17.26.00.png

You can cross-post this there too. I'll be upvoting at 100% to every post/crosspost there.

We are happy to welcome all types of music from all over the world 🌏🌍🌎🕺💃

Link: World of Music Community

You can also visit the map (pictured above) directly at

Note: I am NOT a robot, so I will answer any questions you have about the map, sharing your music, the meaning of life, etc!!

P.S. Love the energy!!

Hola amigo @donatello espero estes bien, gracias a ti por el apoyo lindo, ya no continuaras con tu proyecto de hive o es solo por esta semana saludos un abrazo desde Venezuela.