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Hi guys, here is my entry for the contest initiated by @bliss11

So i decided to start with a selfie picture of myself to an explanation of what life is all about. My reasom for this portraiture is to model FOCUS. In life, it is always good to be determined and focused to what so ever we want to do. We need to take all we do with all seriousness and put full dedication to it because what is done in a minute will speak for the rest hours.

A model of encouragement to all that FOCUS brings a greater outcome to all dedicative heart. It may be hard to go with or by but am so sure it worth it.

To this, i decided to add just a bit of effect and filter to the image so as to claim its reason for modelling.

Edited Picture


Original Picture


Am really so happy to participate in this contest. And to all supporters, thank you.

Lets keep the ball rolling with love 😍

That's a very nice initiative @bliss11

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Hi @kayda-ventures, what a nice and simple edited picture you have there. Thank you for joining the fun.😃

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Thanks so much for taking the time to enter the contest and sharing a nice edited portrait photo.
Best wishes over there @kayda-ventures 🤗