Entry for Photo Chain Challenge, 35th edition

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I have been missing many rounds from the Photo Chain Challenge. It is 35th edition and this time I will not miss it.

Basically we have to present a photo that contains two key subjects. They are determined by the two winners from the previous round. And now they are BLACKANDWHITE and SKYSCRAPER.


The skyscrapers in Bangkok are impressive. These two buildings are situated next to the ICONSIAM Mall. And because they are two skyscrapers, my personal word is two.


If you like to participate, this is the link to the contest, hosted by @davidesimoncini - PhotoChain Challenge: 35th Edition Start - 34th Edition's Winners.


Thank you for viewing.

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Street name created by @otage

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Very nice contest! Good luck!!

Thank you. 😀
It is a bit different than the other contests. But it is fun to search for an image with the two words, which each week arw different.

Good to know that you are very energetic about contest!!

Another fascinating entry, nice work nelinoeva. Welcome in this week edition :)

Thank yoi, 😀
I am sorry I have been missing for some time.

Really so big!

It is, isn't it? 😀

I know them skyscrapers they are fascinating to look at and you got a great photo of them 👍

By the way, I saw first time ever skyscrapers when I was in Bangkok. There are none in my country.

Are you serious that is amazing no skyscrapers in your country that is hard to believe why is that are people there scared of heights 😅 😅