RE: Dpoll 74: Do you have issues adding photos to your content?

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Dpoll 74: Do you have issues adding photos to your content?

in hive-120019 •  5 months ago 

@wakeupkitty it does seem as if I get something figured out it changes.

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It will take time to figure it out and unless nothing changes I assume we learn fast enough what works best for us. Happy weekend. 💕

@wakeupkitty thank you and I hope your weekend was nice.

It was an rather quiet one and yesterday I had finally time to watch some films. How was your day of the women? I told my son he had to do the dishes and feed the wolves plus he baked bananabread. He was shocked as I told him and just came out of bed but did it. 😁💕

@wakeupkitty I did not know it was the day of women but it does not matter I would be doing the same as I always do. I did not know you had a Son for some reason I thought you had 2 daughters. I have 3 girls and 2 boys.

I have 4 girls and one son. We never celebrate it either but it was a good excuse to make him do all the work. He didn't say no 😁

@wakeupkitty that is cool that you also have 5 children, Your Son doing the work shows how he respects woman, good job raising him.

He is a very kind and gentle boy plus I told them no woman likes to live with a lazy dirty man. He's the one baking and very clean too.
I hope it remains. I learned if kids get older they can turn into pigs. A happy day. 💕