Can you explain the benefit of and how to power down?

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Can you explain the benefit of and how to power down?

Another confusing day.

2051 people have the Coronavirus in The Netherlands. 346 more as yesterday and 15 died.
Not only the Coronavirus keeps the mind busy so does the new hive.
To be honest I have a hard time understanding what it's about, the differences between the newborn and the hives we already have. is a hive and so are: palnet, neoxian-city, marlians, creativecoin, etc. Most are a kind of copy of steemit.
What is the new thing this HIVE will bring us?
Is it different from all those other hives which have their own token? I assume this one will too?

I just read a German post about To be honest I didn't feel comfortable after reading it.

How I understand this post.

  • HIVE will copy/take over whole steemit, the accounts, and posts but only a part of what the "enemy" wrote.
  • The enemy is everyone who... I guess didn't agree with every word written by.... (those who know best?)
  • Voted for the wrong witnesses or didn't vote at all?
  • ?

Redfish/Plankton who behaved wrong might perhaps join after they apologized to????

Is this the start of a new platform that promotes freedom, freedom of speech, etc.

Isn't it the task of all of us to explain in easy to understand words what is going on?
Many, and yes I am one of them, need to translate what is said, have to figure out on their own what is going on or meant. There are words used (in the German article but I see them in English too) I have no idea what is meant with it. It's great if you, the writers and insiders, the big whales do but it's abracadabra to me.

I do not feel comfortable after reading this German article.
I don't feel welcome and it feels to me one is only welcome under certain circumstances, HIVE is a platform for celebrities only or big investors.

I wonder about the rest of the dapps.
At this moment they can be used to post on palnet, marlians, etc. Will @esteemapp continue with it?
Without the help of a dapp, it's impossible for me to join any platform (I use @partiko most because it loads ten times faster as @esteemapp).

I am sure many users have no idea what is going on. Not everyone is present on a daily base, has a good connection and can search fast for the latest info.

You can sign in now at

I wonder why the new HIVE has so many restrictions if it comes to joining.
I cannot remember the other tribes did. If hive already starts this way I ask myself what more restrictions will follow, how many snakes hide in the grass. Will members be punished for every word that doesn't fit this platform? The one(s) who started it?

If you can explain in easy words the benefits of the new HIVE against the present tribes and the need to power down I'll be grateful to you.

Please, try to avoid the words, you specialists/insiders use. Simple language please.

  • Yes (please explain too in simple words)

  • No

  • Other (share your thoughts)

Answer the question at or here please. I highly appreciate your answer.

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op actieve dApps (behalve splitters) zal onmiddellijk een knop verschijnen om blockchains of cross-posts naar beide te schakelen

Wat zijn splitters? Bedankt voor de extra info. 💕

schismatica, oude gelovigen))

Bedankt! 👍🏻💕

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I have no idea.

I guess we are in trouble or stay here?

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  • Yes (please explain too in simple words)

Hive will be the new Steem without Justin's ninja-stake...
All dapps will move and function on Hive, except Partiko, because no one from Partiko is active to make the changes...
Steem will be left alone without the dapps..
You don't need to power down your will get the same amount in Hive..

What means "Ninja stake?"

  • What about what I read in the German article users will only be accepted under certain restrictions?
  • I do not need to power down? In the German article it was said I had to.
  • What about my delegations? I need to stop them?

I guess without partiko most of my days here are counted. ☹

Thank you for explaining.

Ninja-stake is the 75 millions Steem that Justin got when he bought Steemit...
Where you been for the last month? What posts do you read? It's been the subject on thousand of posts for the last 3's the root of all problems with Steem and Steemit..

Today it's the first time I hear this word. If I would know I wouldn't ask. I am clearly not the only one who has no idea.

You don't really need to do anything untill Friday,when it will be made available the new website, or ...

Thanks I just found a post about it. I hope that one is true and not the German one. 💕

Why not read the official post made by Hive?
Get the info from the source...

Thanks for sharing. I'm a bit lost here.

Just sign in for the show and you can sign out. You might receive it drops. We all are lost except for the insiders.

I already did and spreads wrote a little bit about it. You're not asleep yet?

I went to bed late only slept 6 hours.

I see. 6 hour is just nice I think.

To me it's too short. My entire life I have a lack of sleep already as a kid. They say women need 8-10 hours sleep just like children and these women are slimmer. My health and weight are both in bad shape. ☹

Thank you much much for sharing and mention

You are welcome. Know you can post on both platforms. 💕

Wow, means I don’t know what’s going on here

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Dear Kitty,

Do not be confused about the Hive Blockchain and the "hives" we got as communities. There will be 2 blockchains namely the old Steem Blockchain and the new Hive Blockchain which will be launched this coming Friday.

This new blockchain will protect the Steemians from Justin´s hostile takeover which is ruining Steem. As soon as the launching is done, all steemians will migrate to the Hive Blockchain and will receive airdrops 1:1 that will correspond to your stake on Steemit. meaning if you have 1000 steems, you´ll get 1000 hives, if you have 1000 SBDs you will aso get equal amount of the hive tokens and if you have 1000 SP, you will also get 1000 Hive Power. As far as I know, you need not powerdown. But, if you have Steem and SBDs in Exchanges you would have to send it back to your steemit account for purposes of the airdrop. The Hive Dev team was asking all Exchanges where steem/sbd is listed if they want to participate in the new Hive blockchain, if they do not participate... they are suppose to inform their clients who have steem balances in their Exchanges to withdraw their balances otherwise, what ever these balances are, they will be excluded in the airdrop.

You can read more info here:

Thanks for mentioning eSteem app. Kindly join our Discord or Telegram channels to learn more about eSteem, don't miss our amazing updates.
Follow @esteemapp as well!

Thank you for the info.

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What I, as a native english speaker understood, is that hives, will be copying your steemit wallet, and giving you Hive Tokens, mirroring what you have on STEEM.

There is no need to power down, as the STEEM blockchain will still be alive. Many people who are not currently happy with STEEM are powering down so that they may get the "Hive airdrop" AND be able to buy "Hive Coins" thus grow their position on the "Hive Ecosystem"

You will have tokens on both platforms. There is no need to do anything, just enjoy having both tokes. If you are looking to make $$ as an investor, than now is the time to guess which platform will "win" and try to capitalize on that. If you are "just a blogger" like many of us, sitting and waiting to see what happens is just fine. You can always post on both blockchains.

The difference between hives and marlians/neoxian/other tribes, is that tribes are based off of steem. When you post on a tribe, you post on the STEEM blockchain. Hives will be its own entitiy, and as of now does not have a project such as steem-engine which enables tribes. When you post on HIVE you will only be posting on hives.

The "enemies" who will not be getting an airdrop (again, from what I understood, as I am not part of the team) are those who actively helped Justin Sun with the "coup" I am thinking that refers to the exchanges, and other "big" accounts who voted a certain way in order to help Justin.

For the most part, if you were, like most of us, a mere spectator in this event, you will have an airdrop. They just don't want to give too much power on the new blockchain to those who do not believe in decentralization.

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your balance will carry over

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Thank you for your vote. It's a copy of steemit and this link.might answer some questions.

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  • Yes (please explain too in simple words)

It will be like the Bitcoin Cash hard fork. The new chain will work exactly like STEEM wit just few changes. You will be able to login with your STEEM keys. You don't actually have to do anything at all.

Optionally, you can power down and sell your STEEM to buy the new HIVE Token. But it's not necessary.

Okay so there is a new token. Good to know. Thank you for your explaination. It's much clearer to me now. 👍🏻

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Thank you for your vote. @davidke20 wrote some thought/worries down it might help you.