Dpoll 74: Do you have issues adding photos to your content?

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Dpoll 74: Do you have issues adding photos to your content?

Some have photo troubles.

Problems with loading/adding pictures/photos to an article.
The first time I bumped into it was as I tried out @esteemapp. I told them but a solution wasn't given. I struggled on and noticed about a week later steemit.com had the same issue. Not able to add a photo to content or... It was not shown.
Personally, I find a picture not shown or as a "broken" picture worse.

@partiko still shows every picture no matter if it's my own or downloaded or sent via Whatsapp. That's why I figured it out too late. Yes, I still use Partiko to write and edit.

How to solve this problem?
One thing is sure it has to do with steem/steemit/new steem/steem 2.0. or how you like to call it.
Partiko never got the upgrade since the latest HFs and is no part of the problem.

Each photo I read with the app photogrid and save it new. If I use that photo it works and is shown.
I assume it works with any photo-program you like. This all takes a lot of time but it works and after reading this post I know I am not the only one and it's not a mobile phone user issue.

Do you experience problems adding photos to your content?
If this is the case do you know the reason or have a solution for it?

  • Yes

  • No, I never add photos

  • No, it works fine

  • Sometimes

  • Only if I use steemit.com

  • Only if I use Steempeak

  • Other, ... (please share your opinion, solution, idea. Thank you.)

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I haven’t had a problem yet with photos and I use eSteem. Partiko isn’t getting any further updates and I think the project is dead somewhat. We’ll see what the future holds.

Not Partiko is the problem with me it shows the photos. Esteem app therefore not plus it has problems with scheduling too. It only works for one account at times not with the other one. I hope Partiko will stay. Esteem app looks very old fashioned to me with the letters they use, it's hard to read, it's too small and the reply button at the top is a large distant for de from keyboard up to there but I guess these are all mainly mobile users only issues. Happy day and thanks for voting. 💕

Yes, they need to fix the scheduling and sometimes it will delete the text while I am doing other things which means I have to use a saved draft.

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  • No, it works fine

Thank you for your vote. I wish you a great day. 💕

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  • No, it works fine

ausser ich habe irgendwo schlechte internetverbindung.

ich vermute deine probleme kommen eher von deinem Netz als von den frontends. du hast ja mehrmals auf dein langsames net hingewiesen...

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Nein kommt es leider nicht. Mit Partiko funktioniert es immer. Auf einmal.war es nicht mehr möglich Bilder von.pixabay.com.zu benutzen. Dort hat sumich etwas geändert, nicht für Partiko sondern Steemit.com, esteemapp.usw. Ich muss alle Bildern erst mit photogrid einlesen, neu speichern und dann klappt es.
@myjob kann gar kein Bild mdhr hochladen, hat laptop statt Handy und eine gute Verbindung. Ich glaube es ist ein Bug. Dank fürs reagieren. LG 💕

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  • Sometimes

Thank you for your vote. Let's hope this bug will disappear asap since it takes a lot of time and is annoying. 💕

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  • No, it works fine

Good to hear. Thanks for voting. 👍

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  • No, it works fine

Thank you for your vote. I wish you a great day. 💕

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You are welcome

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  • No, it works fine

Thank you for voting. Do you only use your own photos?

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  • Sometimes

Any idea what causes it? A certain site or app or the kind of photo or?
Thanks for voting.

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  • Other, ... (please share your opinion, solution, idea. Thank you.)


Thanks for your vote. I wonder what the problem is, what suddenly caused it.

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  • No, it works fine

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  • Sometimes

It really only happens with my Actifit posts, but yeah.

@wakeupkitty Am I the only one with this problem? I use Busy and Steemit to post with and neither of them will let me post pictures. Also, Steemit thinks I just signed up, it says I have no followers, therefore I have no feed page. When I go to my profile it says my last post was 8 days ago, I have missed posting 1 day because my internet was out.

Hi, @myjob

Have you tried using SteemPeak? https://steempeak.com/

It works really well and the picture uploading works good.

@jacobpeacock I think I have posted from there before, I forgot about it, I will try tonight. I do not know what is going on Steemit thinks I just signed up, it says I have no followers and I have no feed page when I go to my profile it shows my last post was 8 days ago, I missed 1 day of posting in the last 8 days. It seems like I am the only one with these issues.

@myjob Yeah something does not seem right there. Have you been posting to a Community or using a hive tag as your first tag?

@myjob since communities went live a few days ago you have to resteem your own post from the community so that it will show up in your blog.

Nothing is broken. They just made some changes.

Go to the community that you have been posting in and resteem all the recent post you have made there.

They will then be in your blog.

You have to do that each time you post to a community either directly or via using a hive tag as the first tag.

This is the community your recent posts are in:

This message of you I only get if I use @esteemapp and my connection is low... Esteem is hard to load. I suggest too to try something else like Steempeak. I use it to schedule mainly. I like it better as steemit.com although it's hard to load for me too.

Have you signed out and in?

I hope it works.
There's esteem too and steeming.com. The last one will be the same as steemit and busy but who knows if you can just sign in and see your account, the posts...

You can also try dpoll.xyz and sing in. Create a poll (ask a question) and see if that question shows up in your account).

The post with "peacock" should have a photo I checked it with @partiko, the two before that one not, the rest has. Due to my slow connection I can not load photos.

Is it possible your account is hacked?

@wakeupkitty How can I tell if it has been hacked? I have the feed page back but when I go to my blog it still does not show any of my posts from this week.

Do you post in hives?
Try this

  1. go to steemit.com
  2. go to your posts!
    See if all your posts written are resteemed by you!
  3. Resteem all your posts.
  4. Go to your blogs and see if they show up now.

I don't think it's hacked since a part still works.

I have problems too with posts not showing up.

  1. Write a post and do not use any hive and see if that one is shown.

I think there's something wrong with those hive-tags, it's a bug.

Can you load photos again?
Let me know how or what.

The idea with the hive-tags is a post is only shown in that hive, that small part of Steemit. You need to resteem it if you like others to see it too (your followers for example). I don't know if resteeming/reblogging your own posts work with busy, steempeak or esteem.
Stupid thing is if I use @partiko I can see everything.


@wakeupkitty I found out last night why my posts were not in my blog, I am now resteeming them. thank you for caring and helping me.

@myjob Glad resteeming solved your problem. You do not need to resteem if your first tag is not a hive tag. Strange enough I see in my blogs with each post a resteem icon too. I wonder why I'd I we have to resteem there too. I did it. ❤️

@wakeupkitty it does seem as if I get something figured out it changes.

It will take time to figure it out and unless nothing changes I assume we learn fast enough what works best for us. Happy weekend. 💕

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  • No, it works fine


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Thank you for your vote and the trdo. I appreciate it. Happy Friday. 💕

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  • No, it works fine

Thank you for voting. Do you use the hive tags? I believe this is the main reason/bug. 💕

No. I’ve never used a hive tag

@fredkese it saves a lot of time if you do not use a hive-tag and if using it as your first is good for extra work. I reduced the ones I used after posts I could not resteem at once been muted and made invisible. I post for me first not for hives. I noticed most bring you nothing not even one comment. It just looks good in their community. ❤️

Most communities don’t have enough SP to support people

There are plenty of rich communities but they do not give a big upvote. Perhaps you can join qurator. They have something with a photo and once a week you can leave a link for a Friday. You need to.ask to be a member.

I'm a member of qurator, yet to participate in their contest

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Thank you 👍

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  • No, it works fine

Thank you for your vote. I am happy to hear that. Enjoy your day 💕