KNITRIAS PROJECT: Week 04 (Achievements)

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We have been working for three weeks now, many achievements have occurred on these days that require celebration. In the first place the inauguration of the Knitrias Project Community, which has launched activities and has in these few days 11 subscribers and 8 active users. This achievement which was part of the Roadmap has been now completed thanks to the support of the PoD Project by the Steemit Team (@SteemitBlog, @SteemCurator01). This initiative has delegated until now to @Knitrias 1000 SP.

Another great achievement is that the @Knitrias account is now itself a minnow, since it has reached +500 SP in stake. This is important in the evaluation of the progress since it was one of the previous points of observation to decide the viability of this project. Now we can say with clear certainty that the project will continue. With +2500 SP the account can now give up-votes that are very near to the dust-threshold.

It's important to remember some other points of the Roadmap in order to see the perspectives for the Members of the Project. For now, our Members are receiving the support of the project as a delegation of 200 SP, when a Member reaches the minnow level she/he becomes a Graduate Member. The delegation is given to a new Member, but the Graduate Member could chose to continue his support on the group. This support will constitute the continuity of the participation on the working group for a Graduate Memeber and new roles will be established to configure this participation: Moderator, Delegator, Curator, etc. These roles will be discussed and implemented on due time.

Curation trail

This week the Knitrias Project has been testing different tools to create the curation trail for the group. The tool that was found more effective without missing votes and calls for the trail was Steemrewarding. This tool allows setting vote-rules in order to follow an author's posts or following the votes of an account (trail). So here is a short tutorial on how the Members can join the trail of the @Knitrias account.

First you go to, you will see the next dialogue, write your account name and click login:

Next, you will be asked to log in to beem (A library to interact with Steem) through Steemconnect, (A tool to sign transactions keeping your keys safe in your computer and never share it with internet). Click continue:

In case you have not used Steemconnect, you will need to import your account. First click on import account and then introduce your username and Active Key. You will need to set your own password in order to use Steemconnect safely. Set your own password and confirm:

You will be returned to beem in order to log in.

Now you will be in the Steemrewarding tool, but you still need to authorize this tool to use your permission to vote. Click on the link to authorize:

You will be asked again by Steemconnect for confirmation to authorize Steemrewarding to vote on your behalf. Click continue and then introduce your recently created password for Steemconnect, click log in:

Now you have authorized Steemrewarding to vote on your behalf, you can confirm this authorization when you log in when you see Posting authority for rewarding: True

Now you will set your participation in the @Knitrias account trail. First go to the Tab: Add new rule, and then to the Tab: New trail vote rule.

Then you can check these parameters. As you can see @leveuf has un-checked the box for only_main_post, which means that he follows votes in posts and comments. Also has set the vote_weight_scaler at 75%, which means all the votes by @leveuf in the trail will be at 75% of the @Knitrias vote. For Members is recommended to set this value at 50%. Other values can stay as their default.

Finally you can check your new created trail rule in the tab Show rules:

All Members and supporters are invited to join the Curation Trail by the Knitrias Project on

Weekly Information

The Members of the Project

This week we only count with seven Members, due to the pause by @NataliMarisa2019 on her posts. We have three remaining slots for our group.








Contributions of the week

The last week the Members produced 34 posts, 7 corresponding to the weekly challenges of the Knitrias Project:

Branches of Longevity
Departure of Kortis to the planet Mirage by @MyFreeLive
An enemy without control. Statute of Longevity by @AdelJose
Memories of a Soldier | Knitrias Project Week 03 by @Jacorv
Faith that human virtue machines cannot erase | Knitrias Project Week 03 by @KaySmile44
The “new world“ Coryana lives in by @Rashia

Open Source
The Steem WhitePaper | Knitrias Project Week 03 by @Jacorv
Challenges for the week. Steem Whitepaper by @MyFreeLive

The pool for the last week was 20 SP and was divided between 7 contributions:

@MyFreeLive: 2 contributions = 5.8 SP
@Jacorv: 2 contributions = 5.8 SP
@AdelJose: 1 contribution = 2.9 SP
@KaySmile44: 1 contribution = 2.9
@Rashia: 1 contribution = 2.9 SP

@Knitrias has sent the rewards as Steem Power for these authors:

A difference of 0.1 SP has been sent by error to @MyFreeLive, this will be discounted on the next power up.

Challenges for the week

This week each challenge will have a secured pool of 10 SP that will be divided equally between the participants of each challenge. Each Member can participate with one post on each challenge.

Branches of Longevity (10 SP)

Short stories, developments and re-elaborations of literature, art, design, music, documentary research, kitchen recipes or others, on the characters and themes of The Longevity Statute, the world from which the character of Dr. Knitrias Maryana surges.

Chapters of The Longevity Statute

The longevity Statute (Part I)
The longevity Statute (Part II)
The longevity Statute (Part III)
The longevity Statute (Part IV)

Open Source (10 SP)

Theme: Witnesses (

Every blockchain is a continusly updated ledger in which every transaction is recorded. This ledger is under the custody of sveral nodes, corresponding to computers running the same code in order to validate and register these transactions. In Steem every transaction is registered in a block produced by a Witness (a Steem node), these blocks can contain several transactions and are produced each three seconds.

Witnesses on Steem not only produce blocks, but they are commited to the growth of the ecosystem by contributions on different areas: Development of applications, Documentation, Community creation, Curation work, etc. Each user has the right to cast up to 30 votes for these witnesses. The top 20 witnesses according to the Steem Power casted on the votes to them are the main producer of blocks for the Steem blockchain.

The challenge for this week consist in reserch for the work of these witnesses. What information they present? What are their goals and achievements? Have you casted some of your votes? What other function you found is performed by these witnesses? Questions, suggestions and information sharing can be made in the comments section of this post.

All the Members are invited to post their Open Source challenge content in the Project Hope Community directed by @Crypto.Piotr.

The Members are strongly invited to participate in the Discussion initiative by @Cmp2020. @Knitrias is sponsoring this initiative on behalf of the Members of the Knitrias Project.

[Discussion Post] What is the best way to recruit new users to STEEM?


Steem Power information

Upvote and post count information

Voting count


Post Count: 237 posts|295 comments|312 replies
Voting Count: (7.44 % self, 56 upvotes, 26 accounts, last 7d)
Last Post: Peace of mind
Post Count: 298 posts|221 comments|558 replies
Voting Count: (1.56 % self, 64 upvotes, 28 accounts, last 7d)
Last Post: BLT assistance for pandemic residents (Covid-19)
Post Count: 12 posts|92 comments|99 replies
Voting Count: (0.00 % self, 53 upvotes, 13 accounts, last 7d)
Last Post: The “new world“ Coryana lives in
Post Count: 88 posts|160 comments|318 replies
Voting Count: (0.00 % self, 28 upvotes, 13 accounts, last 7d)
Last Post: Les presento el famoso "Pepito Venezolano"
Post Count: 33 posts|143 comments|135 replies
Voting Count: (9.38 % self, 64 upvotes, 19 accounts, last 7d)

Last Post: Challenges for the week. Steem Whitepaper
Post Count: 326 posts|1,394 comments|1,242 replies
Voting Count: (0.00 % self, 123 upvotes, 56 accounts, last 7d)
Last Post: Plus Support, My Weekly Selection, 6th Week
Post Count: 16 posts|46 comments|61 replies
Voting Count: (0.00 % self, 78 upvotes, 57 accounts, last 7d)
Last Post: Faith that human virtue machines cannot erase | Knitrias Project Week 03


The Knitrias Project is much grateful with the following users, communities and projects:

Delegators: @Xpilar, (new delegator) @MBallesteros
Support: @SteemChiller, @SteemCurator01, @R2Cornell
Trail: @Drax, @Tribevibes
Friends of the project: @Bullionstackers, @Club12, @RadaQuest, @Marcosdk, @Whatsup, @Ciska, @CryptoKannon, @Jayplayco, @Roleerob, @Oppongk

Daily challenges and up to date information on the activities on

Follow @SteemitBlog

Resources and Support for Newcomers

Follow @SteemingCurators


World of Xpilar


Project Hope

Tools and information

Visit SteemWorld


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Excelente! Feliz Inicio de Semana a todos ✌

¡Muchas Gracias por la visita y por las excelentes participaciones en la semana! 💃
Abrazo grande, @Jacorv!!

@knitrias, I am happy for the success of our team and our project. Thank you so much for your support.

It's a team work which it's giving its first fruits, @MyFreeLive!! Thank you very much for your presence and wonderful contributions!!
I wish you an awesome week! 🤗

  ·  6 months ago (edited)

It's amazing how far this project has come in only one month! Thank you so much for your support everyone.

I am psyched about the community. I am looking forward to the projects future growth! 😁👍

Thank you very much, @Rashia!! Is surely thanks to the good work and presence of its Members that this project has reached this stage. And surely we need to continue to improve!!

Grateful for your wonderful contributions to this project and to Steem!!

Best wishes, @Rashia!!

Todos estamos aportando nuetsro grano de arena para que este proyecto funcione, espero sigan adelante y que lleguen más personas.

Claro que sí @Futven12!! Muchas gracias por tu participación y lo que compartes en tus publicaciones y en los comentarios que vas haciendo a los compañeros y a otros usuarios en sus publicaciones. Es importante ese contacto en el desarrollo de nuestros propios espacios, en el progreso del grupo y de la plataforma en general! Vamos acompañados!!

Abrazo grande y lo mejor para cada día!!

Thank you @knitrias for information on the knitrias-project community, our team is very happy with the progress of the project, travel and hard work over the past 4 weeks.

Greetings from @f21steem

It's been a pleasure to participate and work with this wonderful group!! I'm sure the journey is full of great experiences and many satisfactions!!
Have a great week, @F21Steem!! 💁

Great to see that you are making progress! I will do my best to follow a few votes in the coming days ;)

Just to let you know: replaced steemconnect, because it will be discontinued in the coming week.

We are setting a date to stop SteemConnect services on 1st June, 2020.

Thank you very much, for your constant support, @SteemChiller!! :)
I suppose then, that steemrewarding will stop functioning also. Only allows beta.steemconnect. Which tool would you recommend for creating the curation trail?
I send my best wishes for all the projects for this new stage!!

Edit: I think I understood, it works by simply changing in the url. x when asked to log in.

Glad to hear that it works with SteemLogin :)

Yes!! Also Follow.Steem.Top seems to be doing good work for curation trails!
Best wishes and thanks for All!! 🤗

Great project @knitrias. Thanks very much for your support the New beneficiaries. I hope they are all doing well.

Thank you very much, dear @Oppongk!! There is progress and surely joy on the creations by the group!! I want to invite you to one of our initiatives, may @leveuf contact you through discord?

Best winds for projects and life!!

Publicación curada manualmente por Club12

¡¡¡Vamos por más!!!

Muchísimas gracias por el constante apoyo y compañía. El abrazo ve fuerte para todo el grandioso equipo en @Club12!!

Greetings and respect to the Knitrias project.
At the time of this response, there are 21 subscribers, myself included, and 22 active, a wonderful percentage of coverage.
Congratulations on all the achievements and those to come. Long and happy life together with continuous and rewarding work.

Saludos y respeto al proyecto Knitrias.
En el momento de esta respuesta, hay 21 suscriptores, incluyendome, y 22 activos, un porcentaje maravilloso de cobertura.
Felicitaciones por todos los logros y los que vendrán. Larga y feliz vida junto con un trabajo continuo y gratificante.

Muchísimas gracias por el aliento y su apoyo a este equipo de trabajo. De nuestra parte va también la admiración y agradecimiento por su amplio compromiso por el crecimiento, creatividad y buen ambiente en esta plataforma.

Los mejores deseos para sus proyectos de parte del Proyecto Knitrias, contentos por su compañía en esta comunidad.

Oh, this comment is encouraging and highly appreciated.

Oh, this comment is
Encouraging and highly

                 - mariita52

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Más abrazos, @Mariita52!! 🤗🙏