It's like a buffet every day!

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Here I made three scrambled eggs, hashed browns shaped in flowers (if that's pretty obvious haha), half of large avocado...


Mashed sweet potatoes, baked sweet potatoes with garlics, herbs and spices...


Three ritz crackers, and triangle cheese...

What's not in the picture is about two handful of nuts and two original glazed donuts.

Can anyone tell me how much total calories, carbs and protein that is?

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No idea, but 1cal/gm from protein, 4cal/gm of carb and 9cal/gm from oil-fat. May now you calculate and if mix diet there is some reason for increasing/decreased calories! Best of luck😉

Haha thanks ☺

I wish I could hire you as my chef and I could get used to having a breakfast like that, that's my dream!

Or you could also make it yourself? 😁

Probably but then I can’t surprise myself like when you do it I can be more excited like I wonder what Gill has planned

If I think of something then I ruin the surprise

Like all your menus, that dish looks delicious friend @purepinay, happiness always

Thank you 😘

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