Low carb /keto snack!

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Something fresh, delicious and super healthy snack, try this at home!

All you need :
Cucumber, smoked salmon (or plain salmon) , cream cheese, caviar, dill (which I'llbbe adding after posting this) and some fresh lemon to squeeze on the top!

So good! 👍❤️

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Looks very delicious! :D
Hold on, you are on keto now?

Oh no, I'd go crazy! Haha I love carbs! Just trying to balance my crb intake though ehehe

I know!!! Me too! Going keto is no easy at all. :D

This is very interesting to see some low carb food from home side, delicious!

Thanks ☺

Looks like this cake is delicious, is there any procedure for making this cake?

Looks delicious!


Oh wow look at that, fancy ass keto, cavier my gosh you are hella boujee these days

I actually turned my place into a little fancy restaurant 😂

Lol thats freaking awesome, way to make a cool change in all this craziness, i'd love to order from Gills Kitchen


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Easy to make and healthy to eat. What else do we need.

How it taste?

It's freaking good!

Aaah now it made me to taste some 😇

It looks healthy like you've Just said really. You're obviously a sucker for healthy food.

Thank you 😘

Every meal and snack at your house is like a catered party plate, looks amazing.

Haha thank you! You should ine in next time 😁