FATE (Episode 5) An Original Story

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My sister was already waiting for me at home. She was eagerly anticipating how to deal with me mercilessly. This is because she knew me too well, and she knew I was too hardhearted and very adamant and so she doubted I would forgive Kelvin so easily; of course NO! I mean I muted Kelvin a month and some weeks, I never talked to him nor responded his call nor SMS, that was how hard I can be on some one.

When I got home, my sister looked at me suspiciously and waited for me to say something, but I never did, I just went straight up to wash up and changed.
She came to the room and still expected me to speak up but I didn’t, rather I pretended as if I was mad at her for tricking me into going to the river bank to settle issues with Kelvin; but deep down I was really grateful to my sister for helping me break the ice with Kelvin and finally put my mind at rest.

Cara! My sister called out, almost agitated. What happened? What was the way forward?

I looked at my sister angrily but pretending. I walked up to her, smiled, and hugged her. She was surprised, she hugged me in return and held me tight. I whispered to her “Thank you Sis” you are the best and I love you.
My sister couldn’t contain her joy. She pushed me forward to look at my face to be sure of what she was hearing. I smiled at her and told her thank you again.
She smiled and said “It went well after all” thank God.

At that point, I wanted to start explaining myself and what really happened but she stopped me and said she didn’t really care that I shouldn’t bother. She was happy already that we have settled and that was all that mattered.
We both changed and went down for dinner

...To be continued

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