The Biggest Event of the Year: The G12 Convention

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For me one of the biggest events is the G12 National Convention held every year in August, it is the annual meeting that is held in Venezuela and other parts of the world of evangelical Christian churches that operate with the Government of 12 cell model " G12 ", this event is so big that previously it selected a state to celebrate it but after a number of people attending the event that were left out, it recently started to celebrate regionally and simultaneously.


It started in Venezuela since 2006 and was held for the first time here in Barquisimeto, then in the following years it was held in Caracas, the following year in Valencia, then again in Barquisimeto, Maracaibo until the organization had to change it to regional, due to growth of people attending the event.

It also influenced that the increase in the costs of tickets and stay in Venezuela was affected by inflation, the lack of cash to travel since the currency was devalued and there was no cash in the banks and the people who offered it to you had to pay them 4 times more than it was worth. This led to beginning to celebrate it by region and state so that people stayed overnight in their homes.


The main organizers of the event are Pastor Cesar Castellanos' Team of 12 from Venezuela, who heads the International Charismatic Mission in the city of Bogota, Colombia.

Held every year except the years where the protests in Venezuela prevented it, I always attended the events, the only one who could not go was to the convention held in the city of Maracaibo for working reasons since I did not get permission to miss the days that played the convention.


My participation has been limited since our church does not have enough rank to be part of the organization but it is our desire to be selected one day among the participants of this great event.


The next to be held was canceled due to the international pandemic, although the date has not yet arrived, since it was scheduled for the 13th, 14th and 15th of August this year. however due to the covid 19 it was canceled until next year.


All content and photos are from @sampraise taken with a NIKON Coolpix L820 camera


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