Is Shoulder Strike Effective For Self Defense?

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When it comes to self defense, you can strike using different parts of the body. You can use your fist, elbow, palm, fingers, knees, legs, head and so on. How about using a shoulder to strike?

Should you use a shoulder strike for self defense?

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For the time being, let's assume, a shoulder strike is effective. So will you get close to the attacker to do shoulder strikes? Of course not. If you get that close to the attacker with a view to doing shoulder strikes, that will do more harm than good.

When you are in close range, anything can happen. When you do shoulder strike, the attacker might not see the strike because he is very close to you. The same thing applies to you as well. That means you will also find it hard to see the attacker's strikes because you are too close to him.

A shoulder strike is not that effective if you move forward with a view to doing shoulder strikes. You can do shoulder strike if you can get close to the attacker or the attacker is close to you. Surprise attacks can be very effective in some situations. You can do shoulder strikes as a surprise attack.

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Even you do shoulder strike, it will not end everything. You have to do follow up strikes. As a part of different strikes, you can do shoulder strikes when you are very close to the attacker.

Suppose, you get hurt on your hand. You can grab or punch the attacker with your fist. And the attacker is too close to you, you can do shoulder strike because that time you do not have options. A particular move can be effective based on the situation and circumstances.

So what do you think about a shoulder strike? Please feel free to express your thoughts in the comment section. I appreciate your support and feedback!

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