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Many years ago, children didn’t go to school, giraffes had short necks, there was no ice cream and animals had no tails or very small tails.

The animals were not happy about this. When a fly sat on their backs or on their nose, they had no tails to brush the fly away. One day, King Lion invited the animals to a meeting.

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“The flies are terrible, aren’t they?” said King Lion. “We need tails!”
The animals agreed and together they decided to get some tails.
Rabbit was very happy to hear the news because he had only a short little tail.

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However, it was raining and cold that day. Rabbit hated to get wet. So he said to the other animals, “Please, bring me a tail. I’m staying at home.”

“What tail do you want?” the animals asked him. “Do you want a long thin one, a short fat one or a long hairy one?”
“Oh, any tail will be good for me. It isn’t very important, is it?” said Rabbit.

Some days later, the animals came home with their tails. Elephant had a long thin one with hair at the end. Monkey had a strong one which he could use to hold on to trees with. Scorpion had a sharp one he could use to sting with. Peacock had an amazing tail made of feathers of many colors.

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“I’m beautiful, aren’t I?” said Peacock proudly.
Rabbit agreed. “Where is my tail?” he asked. “Don’t tell me you have forgotten it.”
Nobody had a tail for Rabbit. They were all too busy with their own tails.

So remember; if you have something important to do, do it yourself. Don’t ask others to do it for you. Don’t forget about Rabbit with his short little tail!

Why were the animals unhappy?
Why didn’t Rabbit go with the other animals?
What type of tail did Rabbit want?
Which of these words would you use to describe Rabbit? Lazy, fussy, easy-going, nervous
Why is Scorpion’s tail dangerous?
Which tail did they get Rabbit?
What is the moral of the story?
Do you agree with the moral?

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