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There was no food in the town. Rain had not fallen for some months. All the animals were working hard and planting different crops on their farms. The Tortoise did not work. He loved eating wheat and fruits. All the animals decided that they would be eating together... One animal would cook for the day and the other would go to that animal’s to eat.

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Tortoise went to Dragon's house. He saw all the animal eating together. They were very happy. He could not join them because he had not been working. He became very hungry. He started looking for what to eat but he found nothing. He remembered that one of the animals said that they would meet at Dragon's house the next day. So he went there.

Dragon cooked for the animals the next day. He put a big pot of wheat on the fire at the backyard of his house. He went inside to take plates and left the wheat on fire. When tortoise got to Dragons’s house, he saw the pots of wheat on the fire. He quickly put some wheat on his head. He put on his cap and greeted Dragon when he came out of his house. Dragon spoke with him for some time.

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The wheat was very hot and the heat was affecting his head. By the time he got home, all the hair on his head has fallen off because of the heat. The other animals went to his house to see him. He told them what happened. They all laughed.
"you should have worked when we were working" said the goat. "a lazy person will always go hungry".


What did they animal do on their farm? why?
What did they plant?
What did Tortoise love doing?
Were the animals happy when Tortoise saw them?
Why could he not join them?
Why was Tortoise looking for something to eat?
Where did Tortoise put the hot wheat?
Why did his hair fall off?
Why was he sad?
Should children be hardworking or lazy?

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