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One day a farmer went to the market to buy a sheep. He looked carefully until he found a good, strong, fat sheep. He bought it and started to walk home slowly.

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While he was walking through the forest, monkey saw him and thought, “What a good sheep that is! I must have it for myself.”
Monkey thought hard. Then he ran through the forest so that he was ahead of the man. He took off his left shoe and put it on the road. Then he hid himself behind a tree.
A few minutes later, the farmer saw the shoe and said to himself, “That’s a good shoe, but there’s only one so I won’t take it.”

The farmer walked on. Monkey picked up his left shoe and ran through the forest until he was ahead of the farmer and his sheep again. Then he took off his right shoe and put it on the road. He hid again.
Ten minutes later, the farmer saw the second shoe and said, “Oh, this is the right shoe and the other one was the left shoe. I’ll go back and take the left shoe. Then I’ll have a good pair of shoes!”


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He tied the sheep to a tree, put the right shoe near the sheep and went back down the road to look for the left shoe. Of course, he didn’t find it!
Monkey took the right shoe, untied the sheep and ran home with it quickly. When the farmer came back, there was no sheep and no shoe. He cried out, “What a fool I am!”


What did the farmer do at the market?
What was the farmer doing when Monkey saw him?
Why did monkey run through the forest?
What did Monkey do with his shoe?
Did the farmer like this shoe?
Did the farmer take the shoe? Why?
What did the Monkey do when the farmer left?
Why did the farmer decide to go back?
Where did the farmer leave his sheep?
What happened when the farmer went back?
What did Monkey do?
Why did the farmer say “What a fool I am!”?

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