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A farmer had two donkeys. “Donkeys are stupid, aren’t they?” he said to his wife.
His wife agreed. The farmer decided to set a test for his donkeys. First he put two piles of sweet tasty grass on the ground, five metre apart. Then he took a rope four metres long. He tied one end around the neck of his black donkey. Next he took the other end of the rope and tied it around the neck of his white donkey. Finally he put the donkeys between the two piles of grass.

The two donkeys tried to walk to the different piles of grass. But they couldn’t reach the grass at the same time. They pulled hard but it was no good. Eventually the two donkeys sat down.
“We’ve got a problem, haven’t we?” said the black donkey.
“Yes,” said the white donkey. “I’m tired but I’m also very hungry.”
“What are we going to do?” they asked each other.
The donkeys thought and thought. After a while the black donkey had an idea.
“We should walk together to one pile of grass, shouldn’t we?” he said.
So first they went together to one pile and they ate it all up. Next they turned around and walked back to the second pile of grass. They ate that all up too. Finally they were satisfied.
When the farmer came back, he was very surprised. He learnt that the donkeys were not stupid. The donkeys learnt that it was good to work together and not against each other.


Why did the farmer set a test for his donkeys?
What did he do with the grass and also with the rope?
How did the white donkey feel?
Which donkey is more intelligent?
What did the donkeys do?
Were the donkeys still hungry?
Why was the farmer surprised?
What is the moral of the story?

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