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Tom has no parents, brothers or sisters. He is sad and does not feel happy. He is very hungry too. But, there is no food for him to eat. He is feeling very weak, what does he need now? Two things, food and water. As a little boy he cannot get food easily. So he looks at the nearby bush in search of some fruits.
“There is no fruit for me?” Tom shouted. “Oh! No hope. So I will not see anything to eat,” he cried. Tom is still very weak and feels like taking some food. Tom does not know what to do. He yawns and says, “Oh! It is time for me to die.”

A young boy by name Okon meets Tom and says, “Hello! What are you doing here and what is your name?” “My name is Tom. I am alone. I have nobody to take care of me. Again, I have not eaten for three days now.”
“Tom, come with me. I am the only child in our family. I have always been looking for someone to act as my brother or sister,” says Okon.
Okon takes Tom to his parents’ house. Both parent are present. Okon tells his parents everything about Tom, the visitor. His parents are very happy. They welcome Tom and prepared food for him. Food is ready and the family is ready to eat with the visitor.

Okon, his parents and the visitor are now at the table eating. “Please eat as much as you want”, says Okon’s mother. The visitor likes the food. He eats gently and happily. Also, he cannot hide his feelings. So he stands up and talks to the whole family at the end of the meal, saying, “my dear parents and brother, I did not have the hope that one day I will have people to care for me in this way, but here I am now surrounded by all of you. I will therefore never give up hope no matter my condition.”
At the end of his speech, Okon and his parents were very happy for they were able to help the orphan in time of great need.

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