Lili, the shy ant. Children's Story

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The ant Lili lives very calmly in her dear anthill. She likes to browse the garden around her, but she never leaves her house for fear of being seen.

One day like any other, Lili decides that it is okay to be so afraid and prepares her luggage to take a trip and discover new places.

The ant Lili starts up. But soon she is afraid again because she is away from home. So she decides not to look back and go on her way with courage and bravery.


Suddenly she stumbles upon a large paper ship, but the ant Lili thinks it is a real pirate ship.

Then she hears a voice - on boarding! - and a boy appears among the trees.

  • Thank goodness - Lili thinks - he is just a child playing - and the ant continues walking.

Almost at night, the ant arrives at a beautiful house. There she sees the boy playing with the boat again.

Lili hides, but she can't stop browsing all the things that are in the beautiful house.

She is so clueless observing everything, that she does not realize what is happening around her.

The boy realizes that the ant is hidden. He stealthily approaches and takes it carefully.

Lili almost got her heart scared - Help! Who can help me please, will they put me in a cage? -

But she is reassured to see the little boy smile at her and treat her with great care and love.

Together Lili and the boy go to bed to sleep.


Lili gets into bed - what a comfortable place! - and snuggles up into the blankets her little friend has prepared for her.

*Lili was so tired that she started snoring, and the boy couldn't sleep.

Soon Lili and the little boy become friends and they don't stop jumping and playing.


The time comes when Lili has to return. She has been traveling for many days and wants to go home.

The little boy decides to accompany Lili to her anthill, gives her the wool blanket and promises to come see her every day.

At nightfall, Lili smiles, satisfied with her trip and not having been afraid, otherwise she would never have met her little friend.

Lili goes to her house to sleep, covers herself with the blanket that her friend gave her and closes her eyes ... see you tomorrow!


1.Why is the ant Lili afraid to take a trip?
2.What do you stumble on the way?
3.Who does Lili meet again in the beautiful house?
4.How does the boy treat little Lili when he finds her?
5.How does the ant feel when it returns home?

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