Tips for parents and teachers for working with a hyperactive child.

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This syndrome manifests itself in persistent forms of behavior that form a group of symptoms:


1.Attention problems

They are manifested by a short attention span, difficulty concentrating, inability to choose what to focus on at any given time, and very easy distraction under the influence of external stimuli (for example, entering a class or passing a car).

2. Problems with impulsivity and behavior control

they mean that a child performs activities without anticipating what their consequences may be. Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder generally begin to perform the task without fully understanding the instructions, often without fully listening to it. They are more talkative and interrupt others.

3.Excessive mobility.

Hyperactivity is the child's excessive mobility, not related to the performance of the task by him and that is annoying and annoying for those around him. A hyperactive child hardly stays in one place, often runs, climbs on furniture, in older children and adolescents, may be limited to being restless in the chair, drawing, biting the pen or feeling internal anxiety.

Symptoms of hyperactivity syndrome are usually clearly visible between 5 and 7 years of age.

Educational guidelines for parents of a child with ADHD


  • Observe the regulated daily lifestyle: fixed times to get up in the morning, sleep (a hyperactive child requires more hours of sleep than others), time to bed, meals, tasks, fun.

  • It is necessary to gradually but systematically introduce the child to her duties and activities at home, while observing the need to complete each task started.

  • It is advisable to limit the number of diverse and rapidly changing activities and activities.

  • Do not inhibit the child's excessive mobility, allow her to meet the needs of movement, but in an appropriate and properly organized way under the care of adults, for example, sports activities in a school or sports club.

  • Doing homework should be a permanent responsibility of the student, during which the following rules must be observed: lessons must be done in calm and quiet conditions, the child must have a permanent place to do homework. On the desk during learning should be only those subjects that are necessary for work. In times of tiredness, the child should do a little gymnastics or other activities.

  • Encourage your child to read by reading and discussing books together.

  • Parents should monitor the child's free time and help organize it.

  • All educational actions in relation to a hyperactive child require a lot of peace, patience and kindness, as well as the understanding and coherence of all family members.

Tips for a teacher working with a child with ADHD:


  • The child should sit on a bench near the teacher.

  • The teacher should give the child the opportunity to respond frequently, with instructions to think and allow her to correct her own answers.

  • The instructions given by the teacher must be short, clear, simple, divided into short sections, understandable to the child.

  • The teacher must make sure that the child writes the instruction, the task.

  • In the event of a fight with colleagues, an outbreak of aggression, the teacher must intervene here and now, interrupting the given situation to prevent the growth of negative emotions and possible dangerous consequences (fight, injury).

  • Talk about socially unacceptable behavior (about a fight with a friend, throwing a chair, etc.) should take place when the child calms down, the teacher should talk to the child about the incident so that she can slowly learn to analyze her own behavior.

  • The teacher must involve the child in the active life of the class, assign specific responsibilities.

These tips are important, which will help both teacher and parents to provide the right atmosphere to work with a child with attention deficit disorder.


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I have two baby boys at home. I couldn’t know what parents of kids like this might go through but I’m thankful for articles like the one you’ve posted. Thanks for keeping aware of the issue.

This is very timely and I find this very useful.
Thanks so much @deisip67 for sharing this with us.
You never know how much of a help you've been..