Comprehensive reading: The reflection of the Moon!

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In a town called Alboleda in the city of Wenkinton, there lived some goats who liked to walk a lot but as it was winter the days were short and it was dark early, that day the goats Sinoy and Chule were crossing the bridge over the Icaru river when they looked down they realized that the Moon was visible and they said "look Chule, the Moon has fallen into the river" - "Yes, it is true, but the Moon is in the river."


At that moment, rabbit Joe was coming across the bridge and I heard what they were talking about, he smiled and kept jumping, he crossed the bridge and went to the town of Betan, the two goats were still surprised to see the Moon in the river and said "no I can believe it as it is possible for the moon to move in the river ", it was the turn of the snake Beatriz to go over the bridge, who heard what the goats were saying and laughed out loud but said nothing and continued on her way,


The Owl Lord called Fredy was flying around and he realized the situation, he saw that the others passed by the bridge and noticed that the goats believed that the moon had fallen in the river and did not tell them what was happening, So she decided to fly to one of the railings of the bridge near where the goats were and say "hello my friends, I see that you are somewhat surprised because you think the moon fell from the sky and is in the river, then let me tell you what that you see in the river is not the Moon but a REFLEX of it, look up there is the Moon, which is reflected in the water ", the two goats realized that they were wrong and thanked Mr. Owl for having clarified the situation, so they decided to continue their way home under the moonlight.


Questions for students in class:

1.- In which town does the plot take place?
2.- How many goats crossed the bridge and what were their names?
3.- What did the goats think happened to the Moon?
4.- How many friends crossed the bridge and what were their names?
5.- What was the name of the river where the goats thought the Moon had fallen?
7.- What did the goats really see in the river?
8.- Who was the one who explained to the goats what really happened with the moon?
9.- What did the goats do after Mr. Owl explained what was happening?

Objectives raised with this activity:

Get students to learn to identify places, characters, times and understand the message of the story.

Instructional Level:

This activity is designed for 4th grade children.

Duration time:

Approximately 30 minutes between reading and analysis.

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