Learning from home! Density and saturated solution! Practice # 07!

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Hello friends from my dear community @hive, in these difficult times that we have all had to go through during this quarantine, I realized that all parents should take advantage of the extra time we spend with our children, so I decided to implement a series of strategies that Help me educate my children from home and I want to share this experience with you so that you can implement it and put it into practice with your children, but the most important thing of all is to have fun and learn at the same time.

Today we will learn about Density and what Saturated Solutions are!

So let's go with the Concepts:


Density is a quantity that allows us to measure the amount of mass in a substance.Source

Saturated solution:

A saturated solution is a chemical solution that contains a maximum concentration of solute dissolved in a solvent. Source

We have to bear in mind the importance of making the little ones know the theoretical part of what is being studied so that when we go to practice they will understand it more easily.

Let's see what we need?

  • A transparent glass
  • Water
  • Salt
  • A spoon
  • Ink


What do we have to do?

  • The first thing we have to do is put a little water in the glass and add a few drops of ink, we will notice


  • Next we create a Saturated Solution that is nothing more than placing a little water in the glass and adding salt until it no longer dissolves at that moment we can say that we create a saturated solution.




  • Once this is done we place a few drops of ink and we will notice how they remain on the surface for longer and that they do not penetrate the solution as quickly.

20200918_173950 (1).jpg

What happened?

In the first case, the ink and the water have the same density and therefore the ink diffuses more easily, the ink mixes easily with the water, accelerating the diffusion.

In the second case, the density of the saturated solution is greater than that of the ink, therefore the drops remain on the surface, the drops when falling into the solution cannot penetrate and are returned to the surface delaying the diffusion throughout the glass .

The education of our children is the basis of who they will become in the future and this is why we as parents have the responsibility to provide them with the best possible education and we must bear in mind that education begins at home, so that we take advantage of this extra time that we spend with them in this quarantine and try to teach them from home and in a simple way basic concepts of physics, chemistry or any branch where you develop.

I invite you to follow me, if you like my publication so that between us we can make our children Learn from home.

Greetings and I wait for you in my next publication.

Reference pages:

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