Learning from home!Sintetice energy! Practice #04!

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Hello friends of my beloved community @hive, in these difficult times that we all have had to go through during this quarantine, I decided to retake this world of platforms and cryptocurrencies, I realized at this moment at home that all parents should take advantage of the extra time that we went through with our children, so I decided to implement a series of strategies that help me educate my children from home and I want to share with you this experience so that you can implement it and put it into practice with your children, but the most important thing of all is have fun and learn at the same time.

Today we will learn from home what Kinetic Energy is!


Kinetic energy is energy that allows an object to move, that is, the capacity or work that causes an object to go from being at rest to moving at a certain speed.Source.

It is very important that before we get to practice we let our children know the conceptualization of what we are going to learn so that once we get to it they can fully understand the object of study.

Now if we are going to learn from home with this fun practice !!

What do we need?

  • A container with its lid.

  • A wooden toothpick

  • A nut or small object that weighs.

  • Elastic.

  • A piece of sewing thread.


What do we have to do?

  • The first thing we have to do is open a small hole both in the lid and in the base of our container.


  • Next we take our elastic and pass it inside our nut and make a knot.

  • Then we take our thread and pass it inside the elastic to then introduce it in our lid, pull it out and place half of our toothpick to hold it and it will not get in again.

20200729_132011 (1).jpg

20200729_132028 (1).jpg

  • We do the same with the other end of the elastic and finally we close our container.


20200729_132135 (1).jpg

  • Then comes the fun part of the practice and in which the children will have fun, they will have to roll the container and they will see how surprisingly it returns to its initial position.

What happened?

When the container begins to spin, the elastic that is inside begins to wind up and accumulate energy (elastic potential energy) that is transformed into movement (kinetic energy) when it unwinds.

Wind-up toys have a mechanism like this, since by winding them they accumulate energy that accumulates and transforms into movement when released.

The education of our children is the basis of who they will become in the future and this is why we as parents have the responsibility to provide them with the best possible education and we must bear in mind that education begins at home, so that we take advantage of this extra time that we spend with them in this quarantine and try to teach them from home and in a simple way basic concepts of physics, chemistry or any branch where you develop.

I invite you to follow me, if you like my publication so that between us we can make our children Learn from home.

Greetings and I wait for you in my next publication.

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