COMPREHENSION READING: Ade the courageous Boy


Ade was a pupil of Grammar Nursery and Primary school. He was in Primary five, he was also a brilliant boy. He was a courageous and disciplined child.

There was another boy in Ade’s class who was a bully. His name was Biodun. Biodun was fond of stealing money from the bags of other pupils. But nobody knew it was Biodun who was always stealing the money. Many times, the pupils had complained to their teacher.

One day, at break time, all the pupils in the class had gone to play. Biodun secretly came back to the class and started opening his classmates’ bags. He was looking for money to steal as usual. Suddenly, Ade entered the class. He wanted to pick his Economics exercise book so he could go to the library and study since the next period after the break would be economics which they would be having their test.

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Biodun was holding the money he had already stolen close to his chest. He told Ade, “You must not tell anybody. Let’s share the money.” Ade replied, “No, I won’t share any stolen money with you. Don’t you know it’s not good to steal?” When Biodun knew Ade would not agree with him, he began to threaten him. “I’ll tell the class you stole the money. I’ll also beat you on your way home in the afternoon”.

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Ade did not surrender to Biodun’s threats. He rushed out of the class to report to the class teacher, Mr. Abayomi. Mr. Abayomi too reported to the headmaster, Mr. Idowu. But Biodun did not wait any longer in school that day. He ran away. He did not show up in school until two days after.

When he came back to school, he thought the teacher had forgotten. But at the assembly in the afternoon, the headmaster called Biodun out. Biodun was asked to tell the other pupils what he did. He couldn’t talk. The headmaster narrated the story to the pupils. They were all surprised.

The headmaster ordered that Biodun should be flogged. The other pupils were made to shout “thief, “thief, on him.

But Ade was praised for his courage and discipline. The headmaster then made Ade the class captain for primary five. Ade was happy.


  1. What type of boy was Ade?
  2. Who was Biodun?
  3. What was Biodun fond of?
  4. Who caught Biodun with the stolen money?
  5. Did other people like Biodun’s act of stealing?
  6. Will you want to be like Ade or Biodun?
  7. What is the moral lesson in the story?


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