Two women Deborah and joy are wives of one husband. One Christmas, their husband decided to give them a jewelry box as a Christmas present, so he bought them a jewelry box each.

One day, Deborah took her jewelry box to the river. while she admired it, the box dropped into the river and was lost forever. She cried and thought of what to do because she loved the jewelry. She finally came up with an idea and she said to herself, "I won't be the loser, I'II take Joy's own".

Joy had been away to the market for a long time. Their husband had gone to his poultry farm since 6:am. Deborah entered Joy's room and took her jewelry box.

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Joy returned from the market and found out her jewelry box was missing. She saw it with Deborah. Deborah insisted that it was her own. There was an argument and a quarrel started between the two women. A crowd gathered. They were taken to the King's palace.

After hearing from Joy and Deborah, the king ordered that the jewelry box should be thrown into the river. Deborah gladly agreed but Joy pleaded with the King to give the jewelry box to Deborah instead. She believed that one day, the truth will be known.

The king spoke again, "Give the jewelry box to Joy. Since she does not want it to be destroyed, she is the real owner."

The jewelry box was returned to Joy but Deborah went to the house ashamed. She packed her things and moved to another village.


  1. What did each of the women have?
  2. Who lost her own?
  3. What did Deborah decide to do?
  4. Where did Joy go to?
  5. Where did their husband go to?
  6. Who entered joy's room and took her jewelry box?
  7. What did Joy discover when she returned from the market?
  8. What did the King say first?
  9. Who did the King give the jewelry box?
  10. Describe the moral lesson from this story.


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