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Everything in the universe can be classified into living or nonliving things. Each time Living things are mentioned one should know that it it is divided into two(2) groups the plants and the animals.

Plant examples:-

Mushroom, hibiscus flower, corn, mango tree etc.

Animals examples:-

Lion, goat, man, sheep etc.

The nonliving things are those thing that do not have life in them. Example of such are: table, cloth, fabric, pen, book etc.

Definition of Living things.

Living things as the name implies and entails are those organism that have life in them. Examples are lion, mushroom, kangaroo, man, maize, pawpaw tree, ginger plant etc.

Characteristics of Living Things.

Living things can easily be distinguished from nonliving things with this following characteristics.
But before i continue, note that for easy remembrance of this characteristics of living things an acronym has been formulated.
Mr. Niger D.

Where M- Movement
R- respiration
N- nutrition
I- irritability
G- growth
E- excretion
R- reproduction
D- death.

1. Movement:

Movement which can also be termed Locomotion is the ability of an organism to move its whole body or part of its body from one place to another in search of food, shelter, reproductive partner, or to run away from danger.

2. Respiration:

This is defined as the exchange of gases between organisms and the environment the find themselves. Animals take In oxygen and send out carbon dioxide or carbon iv oxide. Respiration helps in the breaking down of large food particles into smaller ones for the. main purpose of releasing energy which will later be used in carrying out some life's activities.

3. Nutrition:

Nutrition is the ability for a living organism to feed. Food gives energy so nutrition helps or enables the living organism to carry out life processes like growth, respiration and reproduction.

4. Irritability:

This is the process by which living organism response to stimuli. Living things shows forth what is known as sensitivity in other for them to survive in their environment. Living things reacts to heat, sound, chemical substances etc.

5. Growth:

This is the permanent increase in size and body mass of an organism. Living organism grow to replace or repair worn out or damaged parts or tissues in their bodies. A good factor that enhances growth is food. So its necessary for living organism to feed.

6. Excretion:

Excretion means sending out or the removal of metabolic waste products from the body. Water, carbon dioxide etc are example of things that needs to be send packing in the body.

7. Reproduction:

Reproduction is the process whereby living organism gives birth or brings forth organisms of their same kind. When the word same kind is mentioned it means s goat cannot give birth a cow or pawpaw tree cannot bring forth mango fruits. The main purpose of reproduction is to enable continuity of life least living organism goes into extinction.

8. Death:

Just like the Bible days there is time for everything, so there is definitely a time to die. Both plants and animals die alike. This is when life is terminated either of a plant or animal.

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