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Once upon a time there was a land where animals inhibited and it was known as the Animal kingdom,

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there was scarcity of food. All the animals came together to decide on what to do. The animals decided to farm on the big plot of land that the king bought. Mr Tiger was their king and all the animals respected him
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The king decided that it would not be the work of only the servants and slaves but of the whole Animal Kingdom. All the animals agreed that they will do the work in the evening because they felt that the sun would not be so high, if not they will feel tired easily. Mr Parrot, the town crier was appionted to announce to the whole Animal Kingdom the day the work would commence.
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When the appointed day came, Mr Parrot informed all the animals. Everyone strolled to the farm land except Mr Bird. All the animals except Mr Bird worked till it was dark, they exhausted their strength.

When the animals had arrived,Mr Bird had sighted them from afar before now and he pretended to be sick.
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Mr Monkey climbed the tree where he was and sympathised with him,later the animals left. When Mr Bird could no longer hear their steps, he smirked. Mr Bird was ignorant of Mr serpent's presence, he his behind the tree to spy on Mr Bird after Mr Rabbit, Mr Cat and Mr Monkey had left. Mr Tiger sent him to spy on the Bird secretly, even other animals did not know about it. Mr Bird's reaction shocked 😲 Mr Serpent. He stheathily went back to report to the King.

Mr King thanked Mr Serpent for a work well done 🤝 and Mr Serpent praised the King for being so clever. The following day, the King asked Mr Parrot to summon all the animals to his palace, he appointed Mr Lion to guard the farm land so that Mr Bird will not harvest any of their crops.

He didn't want to summon them in the village square so that the information would not be leaked.
The following day, Mr Bird was very hungry, he sneaked into the farm at night and speedily harvested some crops.

As he was about going out of the farm, Mr Lion roared and Mr Bird terrified, begged Me Lion to allow him escape with the crops he harvested. Mr Lion refused and he took him to the king. He was detained and later killed. Mr Bird was a scape goat to other animals.


  • who was the king of the Animal Kingdom?

  • why did all the Animals work on the farm?

*who was the running Bird?

*what are the names of the three animals that the king sent to spy on Mr Bird?

*was Mr Bird truly sick as he claimed?

*who was the king's spy

  • how many spy's did the king have?

*was the story of Mr Bird a happy ending or a sad ending?

What are your lessons from the story?

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