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In the land of Umuahi. There was a King whose name was Azuoma. King Azuoma had a wife and only one son. His first wife died after thirty years of barrenness. He later married a second wife, Queen Adaeze and the name of their son was Prince Damian.
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King Azuoma and his wife, Queen Adaeze asked their son if he will like to study and he said yes. Prince Damian was very happy when his parents decided to send him abroad to study Medicine, it was his dream career. He was so happy, he thought that his parents would persuade him or talk him into becoming the next king after his father dies.

Later that day, king Azuoma sat next to his wife in their chamber. "My dear wife,the mother of my son", he called with a stern look on his face". "Yes,My lord" replied Queen Adaeza. Please I want you to take good care of my son when I die. Ensure that he is safe till when he takes over from me when I die and don't worry or mourn over me for a long time because I'll be happy over there.

Queen Adaeze understood quite well everything her husband was saying.she knew his ailments was not getting any better despite the efforts of the Chief Priests, the herbs that was given to the King wasn't helping matters at all.
Queen Adaeze tried to console the King:"my dear husband, my Lord,the good King of Umuahi land, please have faith, I believe that the gods of the land will heal you. Slowly the King was dying, she quickly rushed to call Chief Okonkwo, the friend and closest of King Azuoma. Chief Okonkwo with Queen Adaeze rushed back to the King's chamber .

On reaching there Chief Okonkwo went closer to his friend:"long live my king". "The gods bless you Chief Okonkwo for being such a good and loyal friend.It is time for me to join my ancestors.I should have joined them before now but they extended my time so that I can arrange the throne". "My king may you live long and I thank the ancestors for being so considerate" said Chief Okonkwo. Chief Okonkwo I know how long you have envied this throne,I remember that the gods chose me rather than you to become the king. But because of how loyal you have been I thought of no other person but you,chief Okonkwo to be crowned the new king untill my son returns,what do you have to say,are you still interested?". "Yes,my king"replied Chief Okonkwo. The following day,King Azuoma died, his wife wept but when she wanted to overweep she remembered the parting words of her diseased husband and consoled herself. The villagers wept, everyone wished he lived longer because he was a good King, they prayed that the gods give them a new king Azuoma.

When the morning years of King Azuoma had ended, The chief priests crowned Chief Okonkwo as the new king. Chief Okonkwo was no good man at all; his heart was like stone, his tongue was like sword and his hands was like iron brass. The villagers hated him so much because he was wicked,he showed little concern for the wellbeing of the villagers.

One day, the villagers reported a case to the King.He settled it injustly.He commanded the innocent family to be sentenced to death while the accomplice was freed. This vexed the villagers so much and they decided to revenge the wrong that was done on the innocent family. But a wise person among them told them not to do so that they will not attract the anger of the gods.They adhered to the wise counsel hoping that the gods will revenge for them.

After a long while, Prince Damian was told by his mother that his father died.He decided to leave London and travel back to the village. At London, Prince Damian studied Paediatrics and became a medical doctor. He even established a private hospital of his. When he arrived in the village, Prince Damian mourned over his father's death. Later,the news spread that the late King Azuoma son had arrived. The villagers were very happy because they knew that Prince Damian will be crowned the new king and Chief Okonkwo will be impeached, although he wasn't permanently the King, he was just occupying the seat in the absence of Prince Damian.

"Now that the right heir of King Azuoma is back, wooooooo!!!! Glorrrrrrrrrry!!!" Shouted the villagers in their respective abode.... "things will take a new leaf". But Chief Okonkwo was not happy. He sneaked out of his house at night to strangle Prince Damian, unknown to him that Prince Damian learned the Martial Art when he was abroad so he applied the skills he learned to protect himself. The bodyguards and everybody that slept under Prince Damian roof woke up when Prince Damian screamed to help him. Chief Okonkwo was detained till daylight. At broad daylight, he was sentenced to death, such action taken was the order of the gods; they knew that even if Chief Okonkwo's life was spared,such atrocities of his will not end.

The following day, Prince Damian,the heir of Late King Azuoma was crowned King and he got married to his financee at London. Queen Adaeze, Prince Demian's mother and all the villagers attended his wedding.

The joy of the people of Umuahi knew no bounds because the right heir was on the throne, and he governed the people well like his father did.


. Who was king Azuoma?

. What was the name of King Azuoma's wife?

. Who was Prince Damian?

. Who was the friend and closest of King Azuoma?

. Did Chief Ozuoma lead the people well?

. How did Prince Demian survive when Chief Okonkwo wanted to kill him?

.What was the end of Chief Okonkwo?

. Who was the right heir of King Azuoma?

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