Educational crafts from home! Have fun with Optical Art and learn geometry

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Hello friends of @hive, the education of our children is extremely important for us as parents and educators, that's why we always have to look for the best teaching and learning tools and strategies to impart the best possible education. I am a lover of crafts and I would like to present a series of educational strategies based on them, any child is interested in working with their hands, coloring, pasting, cutting, drawing, in short, having fun and what better way to do it than making crafts.


Optical Art, also known as Op Art, is an abstract art style that uses geometry and color combinations to achieve stunning visual effects. With a few lines parallel, straight and curved, you can create drawings with optical effects that are surprising for the simplicity of its design.


  • Paper.
  • Pencil and eraser.
  • Pens or colored pencils.



  • Start by penciling the outline of some easily recognizable figure, such as a circle, a heart, a hand ...

  • Draw straight, parallel horizontal lines from one edge of the paper to the silhouette you have drawn. Use the colors that you like.

  • Change the straight lines by curved lines that join the drawn surface.

  • Once out of this, continue drawing parallel straight lines until reaching, well opposite end of the paper, or another area of ​​the silhouette.

  • Delete the contour lines you drew with pencil.



First the silhouette and then the paper is filled with curved lines and parallel lines.


What a relief effect!

### My little Sofia loved experimenting with Optical Art. He made lots of drawings and taught the technique to his friends



In addition to enjoying art and feeding their creativity, it served to learn and review the concepts of horizontal and vertical; that there are straight, curved and mixed lines and that when two or more lines (straight or curved) are not found they are never parallel.

Crafts will always be a very useful tool to educate our children, through them, we can also transmit information, knowledge, activities, activities, attention and concentration, memorization, psychomotor. and the additional increases. self esteem There are many children's activities to do at home thanks to what you can have a good time with the children of the house, help in their physical and mental development, make them have fun and improve communication between the family. Even making an everyday activity an educational resource!

So, we also have a little time in our children and click on educational crafts that will bring many benefits besides strengthening family ties.

Thanks for visiting my blog and I wait for you in my next publication.

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