Let's learn math in a fun way !! The Moebius Ribbon!

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Hello friends of @hive a pleasure to greet you, today I have brought you a very interesting topic in which our children will learn and know a very particular object that fascinates the greatest artists, mathematicians and physicists, I speak to you of the Moebius Ribbon, This is the symbol that is used to represent the infinite because it seems to have no end.


For 160 years there is an object that defies the laws of physics to which we are accustomed. This is the Möbius or Moebius strip, created by the German mathematician and astronomer August Ferdinand Möbius in 1858.

I have decided to present this theme in two pattes since we will do 4 different experiments with the Meobius Tape, so without anything else to say we go with the fun!


  • White sheets

  • Scissors

  • A marker

  • Hit


Procedure of experiment 1:

  • Cut a white sheet into several strips of approximately 3 centimeters.


  • Then join one of the end tapes with ends and you will get a circle.

  • Then take another ribbon, turn half the sheet and join it with the other end, you will get a Moebius ribbon.


  • Once this is done, take a marker and color the circle giving it the full circle until you reach the point where you started, you may realize that the circle has only one face.


  • Then take the Moebius Tape and do the same procedure with the marker, draw a line through the center making the full turn until you match the place where you started. wuaoo !!! you will realize that the tape also has only one face!



Procedure for Experiment 2:

  • Cut the circle that you created in the first experiment through the center where you traced the line and obtained two equal circles.

  • Then cut the Moebius Tape through the center where you traced the line and you'll see what you'll get.



  • If you want something more incredible, cut the Moebius ribbon as shown in the photo in 3 parts and you will see what happens!



  • Well, the result is amazing! You will get two interlaced ribbons one larger than the other.


What's going on?

In a Moebius Ribbon it is impossible to determine which is the top or the bottom, the inside or the outside. If, for example, you start walking on the "up" side of a Moebius strip, when you turn around and come back to the starting point you will be, without realizing it, standing on the "bottom" part of the tape . Or what is the same, if you start to walk on the outer edge of the tape, when you go full circle you will be at the inner edge of it. The Moebius Ribbon has served as inspiration to many artists who have taken their enigmatic form to create beautiful works of art, likewise fascinates physicists and mathematicians trying to understand something that is intuitively complicated to understand.

In the next post I will bring you two more experiments that we will do with the Moebius Ribbon, I guarantee you will love it, do not miss it.

Most children consider mathematics to be boring and complicated, mathematics is not just numbers and equations, we, as parents, have to look for the best teaching and learning strategies we can and it is the idea of ​​these publications that you know and the Once you motivate yourself to find a way to educate your children in a fun way and, at the same time, share a quality time with them, I invite you to put it into practice.
Thank you for visiting my blog and I look forward to seeing you in my next publication, where we will surely educate our children in a fun and dynamic way. Regards!!

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