Comprehensive Reading: The Restless Swimmer.

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In a beautiful country like France, in the city of Paris, there lived a mischievous boy named Louis, who was very restless, somewhat mischievous and imperactive, one day his mother decided to seek some advice with the school's Counselor to see what he could do with Louis so that he would calm down a little and no longer do so many mischief, so Master Laurent recommended that he enroll him in swimming classes so that he would expend a lot of energy and thus when he got home he just wanted to rest, Louis's mother I took him at his word and decided to enroll Louis to take these classes.


The next morning Louis's mother decided to take him to his swimming lessons, the boy was very anxious and excited because it was a new experience for him and he wanted to learn to swim and enjoy the pool.

When arriving at the site there were several children among them were Frederick and Sebastian who were classmates of Luois they were happy when Louis arrived however they knew that he was somewhat naughty and playful.


On the first day, Professor Jhon sent them all into the water and little by little he taught them the swimming techniques, there were children who knew more than others since they had received classes before, including Louis's friends, however he was very little. that he knew about swimming although if he had any notion, that day Louis came up with one of his antics because it already seemed to him that the class was a bit bored so it occurred to him to stand in the middle of the pool and make it seem like that he was drowning and began to shout "I'm drowning, I'm drowning, help me" immediately Frederick and Sebastian who were a certain distance from him were scared and swam quickly to rescue him, when they reached Louis he was laughing out loud, making fun of them and telling them "how funny they looked when they swam quickly to where I was" and he laughed and laughed out loud.


The children told Louis not to do that which was not funny at all and that it did not cause them laughter, and they commented to Louis's mother who reprimanded him and advised him not to do it again.

In the next class Luouis was excited again for his nothing class, he arrived he jumped into the pool and received his instructions but at some point Louis felt a bit bored and decided to do another mischief, he said again to pretend that he was drowning for what he began to shout again "help, help, I'm drowning, help me", so some classmates who were close to him immediately rushed to rescue him and help him and Louis again was laughing out loud from his companions when they saw the reaction they had thinking that he was drowning, the confused children told Louis "don't do that again, because if you ever really drown no one is going to believe you and you can really drown", Louis ignored them and continued laughing. from your friends.


Louis's mother found out what happened and talked with him and explained the consequences that could have deceiving people and not telling the truth, explaining that he ran the risk of telling the truth and that no one would trust him because he had cheated to people previously, that day Louis thought about what happened and felt very bad and promised not to lie again and not to deceive others.

In the next class Louis was very excited and this time he would behave well and not do mischief, while taking his swimming class and receiving his instructions he gave him a cramp in one of his legs and he could not move and he began to choke but this time he did not It was a deception or a mischief it was true, at first his colleagues did not pay attention to him and said that he would not tease them again, Louis kept shouting "help, help, help me I'm drowning, it's true, I'm not lying "The classmates continued to ignore him and did not pay attention to him, at that moment Professor Marcelo realized the situation and immediately jumped into the water to rescue Louis and took him out of the water quickly, preventing him from drowning.

Louis learned a great lesson that day and promised never to lie again and never to deceive people again because by doing that you lose their trust and they will no longer believe in you.


Comprehension Questions:

1.- In which country in the world does the story take place?
2.- In which city of Paris did Louis live?
3.- Who did Louis's mother talk to to ask for advice about him?
4.- What did Mistress Laurent recommend to Louis's mother?
5.- What were the names of Louis's friends who took swimming lessons with him?
6.- What joke did Louis play on his classmates?
7.- What did Luois's mother tell him about his behavior?
8.- Who ended up rescuing Louis when he was really drowning?
9.- What is honesty for you?
10.- What are the consequences of not telling the truth?

Reading objectives:

At the end of the story, the children must know how to identify the characters, establish what are the values ​​involved in the plot and answer all the questions from the understanding.

Established for children between 4 and 5th Grade of Primary.

Activity duration time: Between 25 and 30 minutes

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